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2 easy ways to capture customers near a restaurant


In most cases when we think of Internet or digital communication channels we do it in a comprehensive manner and without limits, because technology allows us to contact any person or company regardless of the distance that is. However in many cases it belittles the importance of digital connection with those users or customers close which are a few meters from our business.

But in the case of the restaurant industry, enter into customer relationship closeness It is a key element in the process of recruitment and retention of digital customers, what directly affects the profitability of a restaurant.

most of customers are within a few blocks the establishment itself and represent the main basis of the contribution of income from a restaurant.

We must pay special attention to those customers who They live near the restaurant, what they work near restaurant or by circumstances at different times of consumption They are near the restaurant. Customer geolocation acquires great importance in these cases.

At those moments our restaurant must have a digital relevance which added to the component of closeness allows the client to choose us over other possible alternatives involving a greater investment of time and effort.

Internet customers look at the restaurants we visit

Data from a recent survey in the United States more than 8.000 consumers who had made a decision of choosing a restaurant in the past 12 months, clearly reflect this situation.

He 74% They said they had used an Internet search engine to find a local restaurant in the last seven days, certainly the most used channel for customers commuter. Of these, he 71% He later said that they had actually contacted the restaurant or directly they had visited.

He 50% said he had found a nearby restaurant thanks to its website, he 37% through a recommendation from a friend or relative, he 34% thanks to the reviews I had read on the websites of opinion and 24% through the different app's restaurants.

Based on these data shows that digital relevance of proximity is a key element in capturing the new customer that stage of inspiration massively go to different digital channels to make their decision on the choice of restaurant to go.

But it is from this point that the question arises:

How can we attract customers who are near the restaurant?

I would like to share with you two techniques that are working really well to be relevant to that client that is next to the restaurant.

1.- Facebook Ads campaigns geolocated mobile

according to a year report 2016 more than half of Facebook users, namely a 54%, only use your Smartphone to access this social network. We must not forget that These devices allow customer geolocalizar and know at all times where you are.

This is a great advantage for those restaurants that make campaigns through Facebook ads that are geolocated based on the exact address of the restaurant within amplitude incluyéndole. These ads appear only on those Facebook mobile users who are using this network in the specific area.

Ultimately we can do what I've christened “digital buzoneo” with neighbors our restaurant offering at the right timing and a component of closeness that sum for the business itself.

Reach people who are near your restaurantWe can also include action buttons “How to get” O “To call” which allows users to connect with the business directly through a call to the restaurant itself or obtain information from the management of this without leaving the Facebook application itself.

Geolocalised ad for a restaurant in Facebook

Even some included in the announcement a “hook” in the form of discount or gift product if the customer informs them that found the restaurant thanks to Facebook.

2.- Google Adwords campaigns geolocated mobile

In the same line as Facebook, we can create Google ads that are pinpointed on a radius around the restaurant itself in order to capture all those users who access this search engine intending to find a restaurant in the area found.

This is us allowed to leave in search results all potential customers who are interested in finding a restaurant to go in the near vicinity to the restaurant.

Perhaps this second method is even more effective than the first because the client through their search terms is manifesting a clear interest in finding a restaurant, allowing a high percentage of these users will become final customers Restaurant.

As in the previous case, we can also include action buttons in our ads we directly put into telephone contact information or through the establishment.

Definitely two ways to attract customers fast proximity, easy and appropriate to the budget of each restaurant allowing achieve on / off traceability throughout the process, a digital origin but with a face-to destination.

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