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20 inspirational phrases Chef José Andrés at # HIP2017


We share with our readers the 20 most important phrases the Spanish chef Jose Andres He launched into a crowded room within the Hospitality Innovation Planet (#HIP2017), the most innovative and disruptive congress hospitality, that during these days is being held in Madrid.

The José Andrés was, Without any type of doubts, the most anticipated and followed exposure of the second day of congress, and he did not disappoint. So you can enjoy the view and knowledge of one of the most acclaimed Spanish chefs and media at the international level, we leave you with the 20 key phrases of his speech:

20 summarizing key step of José Andrés by # HIP2017

1. “Every day I read something new and after thirty years in the kitchen, you realize that you still do not know anything”.

2. “The molecular kitchen It has always existed, but never with that name because we do not like restaurateurs”.

3. “Everything is modern today, will be the traditional morning. The market will dictate what will succeed and what not”.

4. “Young people have initiative, but often it does not have is access to the world of business. The foodtrucks They are creative solution to this problem”.

5. "Will there come a day when all the cooking process is automated?, ¿We prefer the revolution and technological innovation or traditional cuisine with heart?

6. “I think it's scary a cook will be replaced by a robot, but It must be used and to adapt itself to the idea ".

7. "The automation Process is a valid trend for some restaurants (fast food), but not for others”.

8. “We need to find a meeting point between technology and heat traditional cuisine”.

9. "The technology must serve to optimize tasks”.

10. “Often need to communicate exactly what we think our team. In my office we share space and, thus, See all. This is my system to manage my restaurants, get everyone to be part of the project.”

11. “US (people) We are the technology by which we must go”.

12. “Many areas that are not used or are abandoned in New York have become urban gardens thus approaching young people to agriculture again ".

13. “You're as good as the last thing you've done, not by your 30 years of experience”.

14. “If robots replace people, Does the robot pay taxes? If jobs disappear disappears the contribution of citizen welfare state. It is an issue that will have to deal with when the time comes”.

15. “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm is my favorite phrase of Churchill”

16. "When all this dark and do not know where to go, remember that you only have to light a candle ".

17. "I always had enough luck or was well received, and when it was not, I tried that with my work changed their minds ".

18. "We are what we are thanks to the people we have around ".

19. “The artisan cooks we will always have our place. The question is against what machine or entity will be competing”.

20. "We must take Beware of products that we export to protect nuestro''What, as well as the small business owner who has not yet managed to make the leap abroad ".

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