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20 questions and 20 answers that reflect the state of the sector, according to leaders at the Congress #AECOCHORECA


More than 500 managers and leaders at the 16th HORECA Congress AECOC They have left a bone scan from How is the industry today and what are the expectations and concerns most relevant to facing a future in the short-medium term.

The second day of the conference gave us many reflections for analysis, forecasts, trends, ideas and different challenges they must face the HORECA industry.

As on the first day, during the second day of meeting, leaders and managers made different surveys through the app Congress to translate their feelings about different issues raised from the forum #AECOC.

With their votes, a very important sector representation took the pulse current moment and screens showed us the way we share with you now.

Then, the 20 issues and 20 answers that the situation radiographed:

1. Growth forecast 2018 in terms of turnover

2. What impact will the mobility in cities distributors catering

3. The challenge of adapting fleets to the new demands of large cities

4. Has Spain peaked in the HORECA industry?

5. ¿Would make the shared common platforms cast in cities?

6. Do you sell to your customers via the Internet?

7. What percentage of your sales are generated online?

8. Would you like your distributors do e-commerce?

9. What is your view about orders?

10. When do you plan the presence of robots in the kitchen of restaurants?

11. ¿Cuál es la barrera más importante que ve en el equity crowdfunding?

12. ¿Qué opinión tiene de la situación en Europa?

13. ¿Qué opinión tiene sobre el mercado inmobiliario para restauración en zonas premium?

14. Previsión para 2015 en pedidos digitales o automáticos

15. ¿Qué futuro le augura al delivery en España?

16. ¿Cuál es su porcentaje de ventas con el delivery?

17. ¿En qué grado utiliza el Big Data en su empresa?

18. ¿Qué estrategia de entrega prevé para los pedidos de delivery?

19. ¿Qué opinión le merecen los pedidos por voz como consumidor?

20. ¿Qué es lo que más valora del delivery como consumidor?

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