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20 reasons to win customer foodie and how


If in the previous article we discovered What is it a foodie, in this we will know 20 his features, who do we want to conquer as a client. Notes ... each will serve, one breve, to mark strategies.

Photo foodie and 20 key features

1.- He likes to share, foodie is generous and expansive nature. If you're next on the table will give you a taste of his dish, unashamedly, making you part of your experience. further, their discoveries and knowledge can not die on him or her, as You feel it a duty to extend its gastronomic wisdom, with the aim of increasing the number of adherents to participate in experiences and to have fun.

2.- His first objective. Or a foodie's main motivation enjoy his passion for Dining, exit the routine and conventional. He does not act driven by an ego sibarita, just hates boredom.

3.- His greatest enemy. It is firmly against those days entresemana traced to previous, of those same holiday gatherings year after year, of those Sundays identical menu and plan sofa, of those repetitive weddings and no ability to surprise. In short, He goes in search of that life surprise you and excited, and will not fail to investigate new options for this.

4.- Continues to research. This Sherlock Holmes always has in mind a new adventure, why in to explore and inquire. You will not escape the most interesting gastronomic events, opening new local or the existence of a new food product "novel food", such as marine plankton.

It has a radar captures all the gastronomic signals output around. Takes activated either lost by the district of Borne in Barcelona or driving national running through a small town of Maestrazgo, which rider willing to reach an unknown experience.

5.- That phrase known as "vívelo, do not let them tell you "is another of his maxims. If you find that the new food called marine plankton occurs in Cádiz, the first and only producer of microalgae in the world to obtain European approval, will count the days on the calendar to get there, visit the company that produces it, imbibe all information about it and then taste that flavor to "sea", probably the deepest of his life, hands of boss of 2 Michelin star Angel Leon. A foodie map, redondo.

6.- Planning for a foodie's like smelling a delicious stew, and just thinking about it makes my mouth water, enjoys from the phase of ideation. Every detail is a small pleasure that makes the most. If you are planning a retirement dinner of his father or a journey to discover the vineyards, wines and wineries in the Rivera Sacra, you'll delight from thinking about the first steps, until it puts the icing on the dessert.

7.- Foodie experience always ends with desserts, even if it is beyond their gastric capacity. Not try dessert it is sacrilege that is unwilling to allow. In his kingdom dessert it is inherent in the experience.

8.- The foodie is the King of Social Networks. Handles them perfectly and are a tool for highly prized in which to assert their voice. Its mainly positive communication, free and expansive, you can put on the map of many new tourists to a destination, hotel, restaurant, bodega, cantina, food Fair, bakery, kitchen lab, Cheese factory, Museum, orchard, etc. No limits.

He has followers among his friends and acquaintances. Consult him or read in their social networks or blog, and it is the best prescribers of what stimulates him. Definitely a customer or tourist foodie satisfied, It is the most desired any establishment linked to these activities, as long as you provide authenticity.

9.- It will not settle for good the experience, must be as approximate to reality ... must be true! The smells, the flavors, the views, history and why's of everything. Everything must be true and this is another step towards quality.

10.- Quality offered and expected quality. Quality has a subjective component, It is true! Therefore particularly appreciates the foodie, in addition to the organoleptic quality of food or drink, orientation to their specific needs and market segment; and for this it is necessary that "listen". Empathy with the customer is a source of innovation, but also I Tell, dale context, ponle storytelling (as would an expert in the field: Joantxo Llantada)

11.- They say Storytelling is to communicate telling a story and her appeal to the emotions of the listener to have a greater impact and enduring. For a foodie that story or tale about a product, came, new dining experience, etc., It is an important component of salad dressing. That story can transform your vision and carry you on an emotional journey , linking you personally that product. By the time it reaches its emotional area ... is already!, It makes sense and becomes a participant.

12.- The foodie feels responsible and likes partaker of the society in which it moves. It is not enough to achieve and enjoy the experience, They need to know that their choice collaborates with a more sustainable world.

13.- Commitment to local trade, the neighborhood store, artisan bakery or the carnage of life, it smells like old cheese and paprika de la vera. There you find people who care more personally, who they know and care about their tastes. In such establishments the merchant will get that homemade vermouth you can not find anywhere over the city and also at a fair price.

14.- The price should always be ... just! absolute balance between quality and price. Willing to pay more for what it's worth, even if an affordable price, will repeat; especially if he brings a degree of constant innovation.

15.- The foodie is innovative and creative, constantly reinventing and looking for experiences that give a side view, so much so that it has a good chance of becoming a microentrepreneur and put your signature creation.

16.- Love Firms. Although they are willing and ready to consume products unknown or hidden to the common view, instead he pirran for that Traditional beer Xativa "The Socarrada" or the wonderful yogurts "The Fagueda". These products have character.

17.- own language. A foodie is not if when talking about their culinary passions It uses these technicalities that others do not understand: Novel Food, pairings, slowfood, gastro-bar ... their "buzzwords" are a complement to its staging.

18.- Staging of your lunches and dinners. If you have a friend foodie and invites you to dinner, you've ever felt that you attend the evening in a decorating magazine. The details are everything to them, each aspect is strategically placed and chosen, and not, definitely, You can not invite him to an impromptu dinner at home. You have to find something surprising in some special supermarket.

19.- special supermarkets. The foodie knows "down pat" those trades, orchards and supermarkets where to find exactly the product in question. If you check your shopping cart is filled with rare products you've ever heard and kitchen gadgets that seem taken from space travel, watch out! It's contagious.

20.- The Foodies are contagious. They say that happiness is contagious and foodies are happy in their gastronomic world to measure. Enjoy life more, They live it in detail, make pleasant, fun and interesting and share all around. Followers and fans create their same passions and this is, almost sure, one of the few infections that enrich our journey.

The negative foodie photo, its sociological profile

  • Tourist attractions to enjoy actively in one mode or another of the local cuisine
  • Woman / Man +25 years
  • It is not seasonal, travels, consume and enjoy all year
  • purchasing power medium to high. It does not require a specific economic level
  • Willing to spend more, to have unique experiences and quality
  • Willing to travel anywhere in the world
  • medium to high cultural level
  • traveling alone, in couple, Group or family (to a lesser extent, although having family seeks destinations where you can instruct their descendants and enjoy together, of products tailored for them.)
  • consumer demanding. particularly appreciates the authentic, details and specific guidance of your needs in services and products that enjoy. For example, you will appreciate that hotels and restaurants always have in letter native products of the area, as are the strawberries from Huelva, Traditional bread oven Alcalá del Júcar (Albacete), olive oil from olive trees Castellon, the sweets, wines and spirits Valencian production, etc.
  • High value of complementary products and services. If you come to The Utiel Gastronomic Fair O Harvest Fair of Requena, will assess, for example: the establishment where you are staying offers a breakfast of products and indigenous local recipes, make a hiking trail through vineyards, visit the wine museum "Bodega Redonda", do a workshop making artisan sausages, visit the traditional sausage factory or enjoy a barbecue of these products in the rural hotel where you stay, etc.
  • prescribing natural, destinations and products / services

In future articles We continue to expand the details of the Foodies…¡Estate carefully @!

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