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2017: the decisive year for the tourism economy


Again, It ends a year in which it has again broken the main Spanish tourist landmark in the field to reach 75,3 million visitors, an increase of 9,9% Over the previous year, and those who, In the absence of official confirmation by the INE, the country will enter a 77.000 millions of euros. This not only reinforces the expertise of an area classified internationally as the world's most competitive.

So, we start a 2017 in which, according to forecasts by the FEHR, We see the sector grow around 5%. Un año en el que muchos empresarios y hosteleros estiman tener su "Year of consolidation". But, as I have been warning him for months, we should not trust because they come curves and we must know how we will trace them.

In this sense, I want to support in the data Restoration Marks provided in the master classes organized Gastrouni in Madrid a few months ago, of those who I would highlight 3 points:

1.- Stabilization of market growth

We talked about how, after years in negative numbers, the sector has returned to rediscover the wake of growth. According to the report, and the extracted data, We talk about a 2% sustained growth medium for 2017, most likely be met if we crossed with the provisions of the FEHR.

It is therefore a great indicator How it is currently the market and how can we tap Looking to increase consumption and average ticket compared to the previous year.

2.- The World According to Donald Trump

Following the elections in the United States last 8 of November, We saw how the most conservative part of American society chose Donald Trump as its future (current) President, While, in other parts of the world they are casting their hands to the head.

How you can affect the hospitality the choice of Trump? The tourism sector is very sensitive to any unusual event and the climate of uncertainty that is breathed after his election does nothing to dispel the Doubts: foreign policy, the free trade agreement, the tax burden, immigration ... only time will tell.

3.- Tax increase

A few days ago he was known rise 5% in the tax on alcohol and derived beverages (sugary), but before this appeared in the press a 'balloon' in which, to address control commitments imposed by the IMF deficit, the idea to raise VAT in the hospitality and tourism would study.

The problem of taxing this tax directly affect one of the engines of the Spanish economy, a sector that generates in Spain around 11% of GDP and over 12% employment, According to the INE. And although it is assumed that the idea has been discarded de facto by the Government, we should not relax.

We're, seeing all expectations, stuck squarely in which It could be the best year ever for all the tourist economy and, rebound effect, for the hospitality industry. We take look back, leaving some of our day to day and see what happens in the world and especially in our country. Being smart in this regard we will be ready to anticipate any possible situation that affects us directly.

And as always I recommend, a business training in this ambit, as it offered Gastrouni, we can help become better professionals and to be agile and safe when they arrive times where uncertainty prevails.

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I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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