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2021 is the year that McDonald’s bets on veganism with its McPlant


Vegetarians and vegans You are in luck because from 2021 may visit the establishments of McDonald’s without having to worry about breaking your dietary philosophy.

Eliminating animal products from our diets is becoming more common every day. The number of vegans and other upcoming dietary styles like flexitarianism, frugivorismo and vegetarianism gaining strength throughout the West.

Although the numbers are very different from one region to another, some areas already have vegan populations higher than 10% of the total number of inhabitants. This is the case of Germany, for example. Other regions such as the Nordic countries, the state of California in the USA. THE. and Portugal lag behind.

In Spain the number of vegans and vegetarians is established around four million inhabitants; Or what is the same, approximately eight percent of the citizens that make up the country.

There are many large restaurant and food industry brands that have their sights on vegan alternatives and foods free of animal products. In this way, in recent years we have witnessed significant investments in this sector by companies such as Kraft Foods, Nestlé and the like, as well as by funding groups that are committed to a future free of suffering in the human food chain and also committed to the planet.

Among organized catering, vegan bets are still shy, But it seems like that is about to change, because McDonald’s just announced its plans to 2021, and these largely align with the growth in demand for plant-based substitutes for meat products, dairy and other animal derivatives.

McDonald’s has already offered vegan burgers in its establishments in the past. Specific, the company's Indian division offers the McVeggie since 2012, the moment the big hamburger chain opened its first all-vegetarian restaurant in India. A milestone that gave continuity to the company's interest in the vegan market, already demonstrated in Germany in 2010 with the opening of a McCafe vegetariano.

La McVeggie was not without criticism. For this reason, his recipe was retouched and later renamed as Mcvegan. McDonald’s has tested the market with this product on multiple occasions, always without raising too much fuss. In this way, the company's first vegan burger has been available in different periods of time in the US. UU., New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and many countries of the European Union.

Now McDonald’s is deciding to take a critical step in its domination strategy in the fast food segment. From 2021 the McPlant product line, made entirely with plant-based ingredients, will be available at participating company locations.

This is a strategic move of special relevance, Well, according to some market analysts, among which is the renowned banking entity Barclays Bank, It is estimated that the market for plant alternatives to plant-based products will move some 125 000 million euros per year in 2029. Early entry into such a market could position McDonald’s as a benchmark in the sector at the same time that the corporation receives a facelift that makes past grievances towards animal welfare be forgotten.

It is also a strong response to the initiatives that have established competing businesses such as Burger King Y White Castle, both with vegan options punctually on the menu, or chains from the same market segment that serve other niches (case of Dunkin’ Brands Group, for example).

As part of the McPlant product line, McDonald’s will offer sandwiches, Chicken substitutes and vegan burgers. To do so it will continue to count as Beyond Meat, the start-up Californian leader in the niche of plant-based meat substitutes.

Collaboration between these two companies is nothing new, well since 2019 have worked together in the P.L.T. (Plant. Lettuce. Tomato.), a vegan burger sold in more than 100 Ontario local (Canada) from September of that year and that has convinced the company of the golden arches to venture into the world of veganism.

The experience developed in Canadian territory has been key in decision-making. A McDonald’s spokesperson comments on this.: “Based on what we have learned and the encouraging response, we are excited to tentatively introduce the McPlant; a delicious burger with plant-based steak for McDonald’s, por McDonald’s, and with the identifiable taste of McDonald’s so appetizing and appreciated by our customers. In fact, we consider that our culinary team has embroidered it. Other plant-based burgers are available, but McPlant provides our iconic flavor and a bite to sink your teeth into (and lick)».

With such statements it is evident that the new hamburger of McPlant will be the flagship of McDonald’s business line in 2021.

It has not transcended at the moment in which markets it will be available, although expected to appear at least in North America, and quite possibly in several countries of the European Union, as McVegan did at the time.

What we do know is that the burger will carry the vegetable fillet produced by Beyond Meat, a pair of animal-free breads decorated with sesame seeds, the usual accessories (lettuce and tomato), as well as other ingredients for the dressing that would not compromise the final vegan result.

He partner McDonald’s strategic, Beyond Meat, saw its market valuation rise by 4% after learning that it would supply the world's leading organized restaurant chain during this new campaign. Since then, its price has continued to rise because in mid-November it was learned that the Californian company will also collaborate with Pizza Hut in your future vegan pizza Beyond Pan Pizza, where traditionally meat supplements will be replaced by alternatives of plant origin, which will make this item the first pizza 100% vegan with great commercial projection.

He veganismo begins to generate a great demand, and the restaurants are very attentive to the evolution of the market. Great volatility is expected in this niche throughout the decade.

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