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25 predictions of what will be the restaurant industry in the year 2020


I could have access to a futuristic report whose conclusions I want to share with you all, It has been prepared by Association of American Restaurants (NRA), an entity that groups near 500.000 Restaurants in United States.

This is a survey of top leaders and experts from the American restaurant industry in order to produce a study that predicts the challenges, opportunities and future trends that the sector will face in the year 2020 and thereby help plan future strategies to restaurants.

The report was developed under the method Delphi, where different predictions made by experts in different areas are analyzed to extract 25 events are more likely to happen. It is a proven way to anticipate the future, but the process has a high subjective component by its very nature.

The 25 most likely predictions for the year 2020 son:

  1. The restaurant industry will continue to face ongoing and intense competition.
  2. Restaurants have to offer the highest level of service and quality food to sustain success.
  3. Customers continue to demand traditional menus or dishes, indepenidentemente of its nutritional content.
  4. While new technologies offer great benefits, successful restaurants maintain a personal contact with customers.
  5. Restaurants will have to update all your basics continuously if they want to survive.
  6. Healthy eating will continue to grow. The study predicts that the freshest food will be the order of the day, and that in the minds of consumers, there is no great difference between fresh food and local supply.
  7. Restaurants make better use of mobile technology.
  8. Technology for energy efeciencia will be more present in restaurants.
  9. The restaurant industry is more regulated than today.
  10. Data from systems sales outlets (POS) will provide more intelligence and less data, will facilitate knowledge and actions in restaurants.
  11. Convenience stores and supermarkets continue to expand its offering of food.
  12. The workforce of the restaurant industry will be characterized by higher levels of diversity than current.
  13. Hiring employees in the restaurant industry will be more part-time than full-time.
  14. Online training programs will replace training manuals.
  15. Traceability of products will improve, allowing the industry to provide a faster response.
  16. The restaurant industry will remain a good sector for entrepreneurship.
  17. interest and importance in the nutrition of children will intensify, restaurants will be more creative to put healthy food on the menu. Chefs and culinary suppliers collaborate with schools to increase the availability and accessibility of these dishes.
  18. Governments may require food safety training for all employees Restaurant.
  19. The packages of the takeaways are more sophisticated.
  20. Electronic payment systems, both tablets and mobile, will be common.
  21. Safety in the food chain will be the subject of increased attention and become a hallmark in restaurants.
  22. The training will be provided online and via smartphones.
  23. The international expansion of the American restaurant industry will continue to be the engine of growth in the sector, mainly in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa.
  24. More women and different ethnic groups continue to rise to management position.
  25. The technology will be used more effectively to control costs and improve management efficiency.

The report predicts that the total sales of the restaurant industry in the United States will reach the 850.000 million dollars in 2020, against the 587.000 millions of 2010 and the 379.000 billion 2000.

It seems logical to think that depending on the country where this survey will be conducted, the importance of the restaurant industry in that country and in the economic cycle that is, some of the predictions might be quite different, but it is also true that it is always a value to take into account to know what can be the future trends of the greatest world power in the restaurant industry.

What do you think of these 25 predictions? Would you add any that you think could also be relevant?

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