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25 Restaurants trends will dominate 2020


The restaurants They are an essential element of society and the global business community, increasingly you have a greater influence on the evolution of a country or zone. Thus, to keep them current and attract the interest of customers and consumers, professionals in this sector no choice but to put their business on every new fad or trend cove between the public and with each sectoral innovation that transforms how to evolve restaurants have left.

In this sense 2020 It brings a lot of changes. Many of which are inspired by pilot projects and take contact made during 2019.

Restaurateurs can outdo their rivals by adopting changes before they become mainstream. These actions behave a competitive advantage with remarkable effects on turnover perceived. In addition to spurring sales, Customers also will benefit through better user experience, customization of services and the existence of nearby businesses and involved with customers, capable of meet the needs that generate new consumption habits.

The need to eat is always there, but ... What will change in 2020? In the following paragraphs disentangle the matter, Further referring to those developments which were timidly during 2019.

Trends related to food restaurants

Why do we choose to eat one thing and not another? Flavor, the experience associated or how food affects our health are some of the reasons that have traditionally changed our eating habits. Nowadays, fully immersed in the information age, social pressure and the need to be part of a group is also a key factor when eating out, to the end and Cape restaurant it is not just a place to eat, also it serves as a social center.

Some of the trends related to restaurants most important food 2020 will be:

1.- Search for a healthier diet. About a quarter of the population that frequents restaurants try to watch his diet even away from home. The percentage is even higher among younger consumers, a 45% under- 25 years believe that the best way not to fall ill is rejecting the intake of foods high in fat or sugar, and prioritizing natural products known provenance. This is a trend that continues a tangible reality 2019 and previous years. Special mention goes the paleo diets and ketogenic, they have achieved a hole in restaurant menus.

2.- Need for transparency in food information. The bulk of consumers is made up of a cohort of people who regret very informed not have all the information about the items they consume. The traceability of ingredients It used in the dishes on the menu is more necessary than ever. This measure can also combine with detailed nutritional information and calorie contributions to service diners concerned about their diet. These measures are intended to strengthen ending scandals relating to fraudulent labeling and health alerts that they have occupied so much space in the media 2019. It is anticipated that technology block chain, with small initiatives in operation, play an essential role in the field of traceability.

3.- Preference for eco-responsible products, sustainable and local. Especially in communities most wealthy, there is a marked preference for sustainably grown food, even when these have a higher amount. The localvoría (diets based on local products) continues to rise despite its recent appearance. Employ vegetables from own orchards, collaborate with farmers in the area, you buy products from neighboring organic farms or eco-responsible local cooperatives serve as a good claim for this emerging community. Regenerative agriculture, biodynamic crops and zero waste items are hot topics 2020.

4.- Interest in Superfoods. in EE. THE. the use of cannabidiol in infusion brews and meals has doubled in 2019. While in the EU the use of such techniques is not yet covered by the supranational legislative framework, along with the superfood derivative of marijuana trends they have also appeared around the craft beers made with natural yeasts and other fermented products with an optimum effect for intestinal microbiota, such as the Korean kimchi, Japanese tsukemono (especially gari or pickled ginger, which it is also an adaptogen), moldy cheese, kombucha, organic yogurts and other.

5.- Special menus for children. Modern parents care deeply about feeding their young. A) Yes, dishes specially designed for them, allergen-free Gluten and conflicting legumes like peanuts (among many others) They experienced during 2019 an increase not inconsiderable demand in the field of restoration. This trend is expected to continue rising at the least 2020. See for comprehensive pasta, bread made with whole grain, abundant use of Mediterranean cuisine and even dishes based on quinoa. All this is to the detriment of soybean, which it is also in the process of abandonment by the adult population.

6.- alcohol free drinks without sugar. The reign of alcohol falters. Today's youth breaks with the tradition of wine and beer. but the thing Don "t stay there, the millennials They have gone further, to the point of jeopardizing the viability of liquor industries in the near future. Nonalcoholic versions are everywhere, but only a minority consumes. Similarly, energy drinks and sodas, rich in sugar and exciting substances, They not pass a good time. A hike are healthy smoothies; mocktails made with juices, fruits and spices; and even water.

7.- vegan options. the flexitarianism, vegetarianism and veganism continue in unstoppable rise, potentiated by social concerns linked to the animal welfare and the negative effects of livestock on the natural environment macroexplotaciones. Spain already has four million vegetarians, but in states like California (OF. UU.) or countries like Germany, the incidence of this dietary-philosophical movement is much greater. Here there is a niche with high growth potential for the catering sector. Fortunately, vegan alternatives to foods of animal origin are increasingly frequent on the shelves of supermarkets and supplier catalogs. A clear example that we are facing a change of paradigm is Burger King food, He launched in 2019 his vegan burger Impossible Whopper. A sign of what's to come.

8.- Food quality and execution of the dishes. A recent survey by fire Watch with 2566 participants shows that the quality of the dishes tasted a restaurant customers are main attribute when deciding where to eat. This is true in any market segments where the restorers operate: a 36% clientele and judges when it touches eating out, while a 15% ponders the comfort associated with the establishment (ambient, Location, service…) and a 12% It does the same with prices. Quality has always been a generator of user satisfaction, and that will not change during 2020.

9.- East African ethnic cuisine. In any city there are Italian restaurants, Turkish kebab sellers, Japanese restaurants, American hamburgueserías, some Chinese and maybe lesser known ethnic cuisines. What is also true is that African food is represented well below its potential. Specific, East Africa is a gastronomic show, thanks to a history punctuated by the abundance of natural products and colonialism seasoned culture and ancestral knowledge of the tribes. Pilau rice and curry octopus Zanzibar, the Somali canjeero with goat, Kenyan nyama Choma the parrillada, and hundreds of other specialties from the 19 countries that make up the region. A delight for the senses and an experience for the curious.

10.- Segmenting Japanese restaurants. 2019 He has seen two branches of Japanese cuisine charged more relevant in society. And not, We are not talking or California sushi or sushi Latin American fusion. The two trends have materialized recently are the style izakaya and style omakase. Cultural relationship between hispanosfera mutual love and Japan gives us analogous to the Japanese tapas bars, he izakaya, where the yaki (skewers, kabobs or skewers) are the kings. Cutting restaurants omakase They have been in vogue in Europe and North America during 2019, Part of the credit goes to the spectacle that gives the itamae converting to the expectation of the audience in a rich banquet. The astonished looks and self-absorption of the present allow only articulate a sound 'itadakimasu!», which no doubt will resonate in 2020.

11.- butters, syrups and flours origin inaudita. At the same time the interest in palm oil decreases, experts Whole Foods Market who reviewed the tendencies appeared in 2019 They show that the public feels curious about products like butters peas, macadamia nuts or seeds of watermelon. As regards flour, wheat and corn lose ground. This field experience raid coconut flour, banana, malt baggage and a wide range of items of fruit or vegetable origin. Other newcomers to grocery stores and restaurants are sorghum syrups, potato, from Granada, of dates or fruit tree produced by the Indo-Malay Siraitia grosvenorii.

Restaurants trends affecting the user experience

Food is just one of the reasons that invite people to visit a restaurant. It has nothing to do everyday experience of eating at home with which you can live in a restaurant. Even more so when there is a plethora of themed establishments who are eager to distance themselves from their competitors through unique experiences that they are clearly marked in the memory of the consumer.

Offer a unique environment, additional activities other than food or special service are good premises to gain a competitive advantage that positions our local as local leader. Even when imposed on opponents restaurants is not feasible, differentiate our property allows segmenting the market, boosting sales in business to the stop competing directly with other eaters our own niche.

some of the great strengths is already see that restorers can play for 2020 to prevail in your area. These are some of them:

12.- Greater empathy with customers unaccompanied. Lunch or dinner alone in a restaurant starts to become a usual stamp, according to the testimony issued by some restorers during 2019. In addition to workers that labor needs are forced to wander foreign cities without company Animate your stay; many travelers, including gastronomic tourists, today moving day alone. To these must be added all those young and middle-aged people who are victims of solitude crisis already affecting some developed countries of the first world, such as Ireland and Japan. Restorers do not yet know how to deal with these customers. Since some businesses should be offered a newspaper, extend talks between server and client, especially, not judge the situation of the person. Others have come to offer a companion pet, as the golden crucian carp Antonio of the dining room of the hotel Trident Bandra Kurla (Mumbai, India). Emerging solutions to a new problem that will increasingly higher incidence. 2020 It stands as an ideal year for restaurateurs do brainstorming about this issue.

13.- Experiences that can be shared on social networks. No one doubts that the potential of social networks to get new customers is immense. In this sense, Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram They prove their worth in the hispanosfera, while the news aggregator Reddit plays an important role with earlier in the English-speaking community. The presentation of the dishes, lighting the dining room or the restaurant decor can invite visitors to photograph and share their stay in the local. This causes the reach of the Internet business grow organic form, so the flow of Internet users entering the digital door of the establishment increases accordingly.

14.- immersive meals. Closely related to the previous point, immersive foods are those that are part of a theatrical spectacle, holistic sensory experience, They use virtual reality or augmented reality to deliver a completely new, where food is only a small part of the whole.

15.- Attention to consumer behavior and camaraderie service. Automation is more evident in the restoration with each passing year. This process brings certain dehumanization of the service must be reversed through active training of the workforce that makes up the team of local. Management tools client relations and professionalism of the service camaraderie can make the difference between a good experience and exceptional.

16.- Lavish environments and odes to the luxury. While the global economic crisis 2006 He forced to return to the humblest roots of restoration, after a long way we have returned to the obscenely wealthy in 2019. 2020 It could be the last year in which luxury restaurants could capitalize on the average consumer, as a new economic crisis that could detonate in mid warns 2021.

Other changes in consumer habits of diners and the mode of operation of the restaurants that will trend 2020

During the second decade of the century we have learned that to get the most out of a restaurant not just serve good food at the local. Consumption habits of customers have changed, and now orders for home food delivery are substantial. Similarly, restorer can not afford to wait for the audience know the existence of your local, It must be proactive in this regard and strategies to use traditional or digital marketing to reach potential customers.

Many of the lessons learned 2019 and previous years will be continued in future years. The following discusses some of the trends for restaurants greatest impact will in 2020 in the mode of operation of these businesses.

17.- A double-edged sword for organized restoration: politics. In today's society any financial contributions made to political parties or public positioning with respect to current events will have an impact, and this does not have to be necessarily good, even when the restoration company is pursuing its legitimate interests. So that, keep the margin of the evolution of the state can be a good idea. And if not tell that to chains like McDonald's, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell o KFC , which they were discovered by supporting the re-election campaign in Donald Trump tweet He is reaching that went viral retweetearse 241 692 times, with a media impact of several million views.

18.- Competition online the brand image. The controversy is never desired, but if the viral campaign is due to some positive aspect inherent in the company, then it reinforces the presence online of the company. The beginning of the decade will bring other memorable moments from major companies organized restoration, no doubt about it.

19.- Bet decided by orders online. Have a presence online a strong brand image untainted need to address strategies for successful online sales. These two requirements must be added a strong technological investment apps mobile, design user-oriented web browsing and mobile, digital tools customer loyalty, chatbots, interaction with virtual assistants and unified management of telecommunications. Consumers minors 40 years using orders online preferentially, in some niche as pizzerias the total turnover associated with such transactions reaches 80%. In cases where the restorer opts for offering this service, it is normal that the percentage exceeds 25%. Stragglers in the digital transformation of the restaurants are exploiting the market below their possibilities.

20.- Resurgence limited time offers. Digital rewards programs and apps mobile customer loyalty were proposed in late 2018 as one of the most important megatrends in the world of restoration 2019. this forecast, based on business decisions of companies like Starbucks and McDonald's, it has fully complied with. The integration of these systems in their own applications restaurant chains is almost ubiquitously. Now, using these same platforms, It is expected that limited time offers (LTO) have a great impact for 2020. In 2019 Policy organized major restoration operations have already been fooling around with these strategies, and despite the risk incurred to the adopt, the return on investment justifies its implementation. With the start of the decade we will see a recurring use of these tools.

21.- New strategies in the mobility market. Most analysts expect during 2020 the mobility market continues growing with a dramatic pace, than the 10% annual. Far from marking a turning point, this trend will be sustained at least until the 2023. During 2020 restaurants expand the card available through home delivery companies food. These additional options are also available for takeaway. Whatever it takes to boost sales for home delivery, as on-premise business is contracting. In this sense it is experimenting with new technologies such as Casting robots, drones and automatic vehicles, and little explored strategies as kits ingredients for home cooking, delivery of orders in hot spots (traffic jams, congregations), fusion between the takeway and the drive-thru, virtual or ghost restaurants have no physical location and home delivery food independent model.

22.- Update internal working conditions and recruitment challenges. The turnover rate of staff is sky in the sector restoration. This presents a cost overrun for managers, as each new employee requires an initial training and adaptation period until tasks running at full efficiency. The buoyant economy in which we, despite predictions of recession, will prevent this scenario will change in 2020, so that keep on staff highly qualified staff will determine. In the case of organized restoration, virtual reality environments could be used to train novices without wasting the resources of the local. In 2019 We have also seen how the fight against sexism in the area of ​​the restaurant He is taking shape, These and other adaptations of the work culture of the union will continue to evolve in 2020.

Technology that will trend for restaurants 2020

The technology has become motu Proprio one of the assets most valued by restaurants. During 2019 We have seen how apps phones put in value to secure customers and get a higher volume of recurring business, robots have begun to be implemented at a pace faster, and macro data bases and artificial intelligence tools based on proven results more meaningful to its users.

In 2020 technology adoption for restaurants will not stop. Quite the contrary, all indicators suggest that a period of profound transformation will begin in the sector, spurred by robotics restoration, which analysts say has tremendous disruptive potential in this industry.

The following points address the major trends for restaurants in technology that we will see this year.

23.- Restoration Robotics. OF. UU., China and Japan are betting strongly for the introduction of robotics in restaurants. Automata employees are not the droids science fiction to which we are accustomed to Hollywood. In robotics restoration have articulated arms accommodate, robotized appliances, interactive cooked chains, Vending machines with robotic components, Waiters robots and automatons delivery. All of them are already in operation 2019, but 2020 will bring greater adoption of these innovations, as well as abundant improvements in terms of speed, capacity and energy efficiency. The cobótica or collaboration between human and robot will remain a strong point, for complex tasks are not automatable.

24.- Most advanced self-service kiosks. A new generation of these devices has come for 2019. Newly assembled models are equipped with facial recognition and recommendation systems based on artificial intelligence, specifications that allow them to speed up the ordering process by minimizing queues and waiting times, as well as increase the amount of orders forcing notifications and promotions associated with products compatible with diner, which results in higher planned previously drinks at the visitor.

25.- Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation. In IA, machine learning and automation meanders down to the last of the ins and outs of the restaurant. 2019 It has been a year of pilot projects and 2020 It will be when all these widely proven concepts see the light in all its glory. Camera systems connected to neural networks that identify the mood of the consumer with a view to tackling problems in service or boost sales, identification of license plates and drivers historical orders in drive-thru of large catering companies organized, Holistic management facilities through the internet of things, and so long never before seen solutions that run like wildfire among the top players in the sector restoration.


2019 He brought many innovations to the world of restoration. Some of the trends that appeared during the year were destined to perish and disappear, but many others have come to stay.

2020 I guess as a busy period for the world Restaurants. Professionals have to face, as usual, the difficulties imposed by high competition and the changing circumstances of this complex environment. In this sense, investment in technology and adaptation to emerging consumer habits should be a priority for this exciting 2020. Of course, any changes made in the restaurant according to the list outlined here will also benefit from the restorative.

We hope our readers make good use of the information collected in this article and wish you a prosperous year 2020 in your entrepreneurial efforts. We will be here to investigate and tell the main trends…Thank you!

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. I loved, a comprehensive article summarizing all the progress we have seen during these months and help us create new concepts in restoration. It is important to be aware of the changes in consumers who are looking to evolve more sustainable and healthy deals.

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    The world is full of uncertainty about everything that is happening, It is a hard test that is difficult to overcome, but it is not impossible., The new trends in Hospitality and Catering will always continue to evolve and will not stop.
    It seems incredible to me that in the future hospitality and human warmth will be lost with these radical changes.
    We have to adapt and be prepared for the new wave of travelers in the world looking for Intelligent Entertaining and Memorable Experiences, and we will fight for it with passion.

    Thank you very much for such valuable information for me, which is very motivating and I will take it as a challenge at the same time to continue improving every day.
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  3. Without being a party pooper, the current pandemic, changes the landscape of restaurants, forces you to reinvent yourself, with healthy ideas, fast, that they reach customers and leave that flavor that positions restaurants in an already poorly socializing market, leaving home, the only alternative to sell. It is there and hopefully for a short time where this market to eat rich should be carried without losing its flavor.

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    Good evening, I'm a cook and I work in Huelva, I would love to survive in the situation that has touched us
    we have a five year project. I really wanted to return with the same illusion that we had, it will be hard to adapt but our traditional cuisine has given us a lot of happiness we will continue to the end.
    Clients friends, friends, providers, fellow colleagues are many experiences.

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