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25 games that demonstrate their incredible relationship with gastronomy and restaurants


Existen diferentes teorías sobre cuándo surgió el primer videojuego, Some say he went to finales de la década de los 40 cuando empezaron a tomar forma los juegos electrónicos, aunque no eran concebidos como lo que hoy conocemos por videojuegos. Others say it was not until the early 70, with simple but addictive Pong forerunner of all virtual maelstrom that would come later. But what is clear is that currently la vinculación de los videojuegos con la alimentación parece condenada a entenderse, either by homages and references within the same game towards food, or collaboration between its creators and food brands to create a great impact on consumers which promotes the sale of both products.

Here I list some of the most curious facts that confirm that the virtual industry devours, the purest Pac-Man style, pixels with large amounts of food forms:

Pac-Man (1980, Multi platform)

Pac ManFree Pick

It could not be otherwise, yellow giant ball that loves everyone had to open the list because of his constant flirtations with the world of food, and not only because he has always been dedicated to swallowing everything in its path, but because it has been the face of all kinds of food products, as sweets or cereals. But if any man noted for his efforts in marketing it was pasta Chef Boyardee, en ella podemos apreciar a un Pac-Man rodeado de su familia recargando energías para combatir a los fantasmas con tres tipos de pasta: Meat-Balls, Golden Chicken y Spaghetti Sauce.

You can enjoy your video advertising:

Fast Food (1982, Atari)

Fast FoodTradengames

La existencia de comida rápida en los videojuegos no es reciente, ya que el juego que marcó época en la famosa Atari 2600 It was developed by the Fast Food Telesys. E-He we started to the controls of a mouth (with dubious taste buds) I should eat as soon as possible all kinds of food cooking express, pizzas, burgers, ice creams, fries or hot dogs, to an increasingly blistering pace, while he is avoiding eating a purple pickles that made our restless mouth rant to lose the game.

Burger Time (1982, Multi platform)

Burger TimeYoutube

The game we made sure that dream more than one player with components of a hamburger. Consistía en recolectar el mayor número posible de ingredientes dentro del pan para completar una generosa hamburguesa antes de que el pepinillo, onions or bacon caught the chef and he was the "fried". His style is very similar to Donkey Kong Arcade of the 1981, y es que ambos siempre tenían reservado un lugar privilegiado en las recreativas de los bares. In their own way, school created within the genre of platforms.

Tapper (1983, Arcade, Atari)


En pleno apogeo de las máquinas Arcade, It came one of the most ethyl games that can be remembered in the history of video games. The Tapper was another famous Atari standards. The aim was to serve the greatest number of pitchers of beer and collect empty after. Nos movíamos por varios escenarios plagados de barras infinitas donde nos esperaban clientes con aspecto de cowboy o aliens al más puro estilo Star Wars. Todo ello plagado de posters They are announcing real beer brands as Budweiser O Mountain Dew.

Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world? (1985, PC)


Carmen was an iconic character to the world of adventure in the mid 80, one elusive thief who always eluded detectives who pursued. Although this game was very focused on children in the house for its varied geography and history content, uno de los puntos claves para encontrar a esta villana era averiguar su comida favorita. The Tacos solían ser su punto débil, what propitiated that you are often found in Mexico enjoying its gastronomy

Final Fight (1989, Supernintendo)

Final FightGameMuseum

After the revolution occurred in 1987 with the output for sale of fighting game Street Fighter pudimos encontrar videojuegos de combate hasta debajo de las piedras. But none was so praised as this before us and being of the same developer as the Street Fighter (Capcom), He paid tribute to his mentor clear, And in one of the scenes of fight of it we can see Chun Li, one of the main characters in Street Fighter, appear at the bottom enjoying some delicious noodles at a street bar.

Golden Axe (1989, Multi platform)

Golden AxeIGN

This Arcade classic medieval fantasy epic Sega late 80 It had as a way to recharge life thigh meat with bone included, who served us to put our bar "butt" energy. The obsession of fans thigh has surpassed all barriers, since these have come to create genuine facts pork thighs, chicken and even sausages. Internet is full of ways to develop this piece of meat, ¿te atreves con alguna de ellas?

Monkey Island (1990, PC)

Monkey IslandMobyGames

In this mythical adventure game created by Ron Gilbert, “padre” de varias aventuras gráficas de LucasArts that created school, the most claimed by its protagonists drink, Pirates of the islands, se llama Grog. Tal fue su éxito que tuvieron que hacer una similar fuera de las pantallas compuesta por agua caliente azucarada mezclada con un licor, usually rum, kirsch or cognac but also. The difference between reality and pixels was never so small.

McDonald’s Global Gladiators (1992, Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Amiga)

Global GladiatorsWikipedia

McDonald's has always tried to cover many sectors, also he made his first steps in the world of video games, en este caso se asoció con Virgin Games para crear un juego de plataformas donde Mick and Mack eran los héroes que perseguían villanos a los que trataban de aniquilar con pistolas que lanzaban ketchup o mostaza. The game did not reach Europe, do not know whether a failure of US sales or lack of interest from European distributors.

Kirby’s Dream Land (1992, Game Boy)

Kirby dreamlandsVentureBeat

A favorite Nintendo mascots factory, Kirby, He has always been a fan of everything that has to do with food. Suponemos que de ahí que su aspecto que no pare de crecer y hacerse más grande a medida que atrapa más alimentos. Adora Zampar tomatoes non-stop, melons or the pastel, tanto que se han hecho réplicas dulces del propio Kirby.

Pizza Tycoon (1994, Amiga, PC y MS-DOS)

Pizza TycoonYoutube

Almost mid 90 "They landed" on the PC's many strategic simulators that addressed all kinds of themes. In Pizza Tycoon nos poníamos en la piel de un gerente de un restaurante italiano en el que preparábamos la pizza con todo tipo de componentes, some not very nice (grasshopper, flies, ants ...), to make our emporium reach as far as possible. And while, teníamos que lidiar con la competencia que ayudada por la mafia intentaban desestabilizar nuestro negocio.

Resident Evil (1996, Multi platform)

Resident EvilRelyOnHorror

Everything a pioneer in the genre videojueguil survival horror, This game has frightened generations of young people (and not so young), sirve sus raciones de vísceras y zombies en el Capcom Bar, situated in Shinjuku (Japan). Allí entre galerías de arte de los videojuegos de la compañía nipona y máquinas recreativas podremos comer, the purest style of his undead games, “bleeding brains but treats victims of these games. If you have enough stomach to start, surely you can not miss trying delight the factory Resident Evil, And everything does not have the brain sleazy.

Pokémon (1996, Game Boy)

Pokemon Cafeparent

A point of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise, Pokémon world seems limitless: films, card games, editions of manga and all kinds of merchandising. A lo que hay que sumar desde mediados de agosto de este mismo año el Pokémon Café in Tokyo, centro lúdico donde los fans de la larga saga están rodeados de peluches de Pokémon, disfrutan de platos con Pikachu decorations O cafés con la forma de otros personajes.

Counter Strike: Source (2004, PC)


La anécdota curiosa de este líder los juegos online cooperativos tuvo lugar al aparecer unos carteles de la multinacional Subway en algunos de sus escenarios. Valve creator of the game is completely dissociated itself from this matter, pero varios seguidores hicieron público que habían creado estas modificaciones en los escenarios para guiarse hacia lo que era la entrada de los metros en el juego, these add used as a subliminal message's meeting point for the teams to attack rivals.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005, Nintendo DS)

Partners TimeAlphacoders

The most famous plumber in the history of video games has always been surrounded by living beings shaped food, some of his best friends were small speakers mushrooms. En uno de los juegos de la Nintendo DS Mario personally explains his weakness for Alfredo sauce, Also note that you should stop eating so much carbonara sauce and a good alternative to these two is the salsa puttanesca.

Harvest Moon (2005, Nintendo DS)

Harvest MoonNicoBlog

In this game with anime-style animation very, nos hacemos cargo de una granja, livestock care, milking cows, collecting vegetables and fruits. We must also dating to take care of the property and combat evil beings. Para recuperarnos de estos ataques cuenta con una larga lista de recipes.

Delicious Saga (2006-today PC)


The Delicious game series online download of the factory Gamehouse, such a classic, stars Emily, a young waitress who dreams up his own restaurant. Alterna places where prepare and serve the food and increases the pace of work and the number of foods which have to be cooked according to the level of game you're.

Cooking Mama (2006, Wii)


Nintendo brought in 2006 uno de los videojuegos probablemente más realistas en cuanto a preparación culinaria se refiere. With him we could learn the most fun and varied tricks to prepare all types of menus. The number of prescriptions covered lots of cultures, dishes from ten different countries, from sushi to paste. His fame was not without criticism, the Asociation MAP denunció que muchos de los platos del juego estaban preparados con animales. Judge for yourselves controversy.

Final Fantasy XII (2006, PlayStation 2)

Final FantasySquareSound

Regenerative potions have always been an essential item in many video games. Tanto es así que los diseñadores del Final Fantasy XII crearon una bebida con un frasco de cristal que causó furor en Japón, quickly running out. Tan rápido se quedaron sin la pócima que no se encuentra ni rastro en la web de la distribuidora Suntory, pero en este enlace tenemos toda la descripción del product.

Portal (2007, PC)

PortalPeaPodriot -Blogspot

Responsible for Portal, creadores de la famosa plataforma de venta online de videojuegos Steam, They raised as a challenge in this game the "capture" of a chocolate cake with cherries and the less delicious-looking, but after playing a while you discovered on one of the screens the phrase "The cake is a lie" (The cake is a farce), fue tan grande la decepción de algunos de los fans del juego hicieron ellos mismo la tarta real.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots(2008, PlayStation 3)


The masterpieces of Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga, They are full of great moments, in the fourth part of the saga, Snake (our hero) It uses all kinds of vitamin supplements to cure the stamina (physical endurance capacity in extreme situations) and regain their physical endurance, but in this case it uses a popular energy drink in Japan called Regain. They even made un cartel para la edición limitada de Regain de Solid Snake.

Here we see the good of Snake healing with an energy drink:

Minecraft (2009, PC, Android and iOS)


The popular cubist game proposed a revolution in the world of electronic entertainment has such a legion of followers that they moved to the real world everything is represented by cubes, one of the most intriguing examples is the variety of cakes offered by recipes on YouTube, we can find tart Creeper or the delicious cake chocolate with almond sauce.

Fat Princess (2009, PlayStation 3, PSP)

Fat PrincessPlayStationLife

If there is a protagonist games glutton, la de este juego de la tienda de PlayStation You should enter without a doubt among the nominees. El juego It involves forming a group of soldiers large enough to rescue the imprisoned princess in a castle. But not for eating, su traslado será complicado. If you see this video You will see that transport will not be easy.

The Sims 3. At nightfall (2010, PC)


The Sims series can boast of being one of the best selling of all time (adds more 100 million copies). In expanding its third installment "By nightfall" we can feel like real tycoons clubs, the bars restaurants, of course not always trumps the good side, also they have hole in countless disreputable characters like drug dealers, groupies or scammers. Options in this game exist as races.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (2014, PC, Android and iOS)


This game horror that scares even the bravest generated, because of his enormous popularity in recent years, several stories that many fans try to give veracity but have never been proven as such, It tells the story of a pizzeria that opened in 1987 called "Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” and he had several animatronic toys that apparently came to life when the facility closed its doors and had very little civic behavior, el protagonista del juego se queda intencionadamente encerrado en la pizzería para averiguar lo sucedido y descubre comportamientos muy poco esperados de peluches animados. Reality or not, history has had such a "pull" on the PC's which was one of the best selling games of last year.

Como hemos podido comprobar durante este recorrido a lo largo de las últimas décadas, video games and gastronomy look like a “Dance partner” with a great future. La única barrera que separaba realidad y píxeles empieza a desaparecer debido a la fidelidad de los seguidores con sagas de videojuegos, que convierten en tangibles aquellos manjares que antes solo podían degustar sus personajes favoritos al otro lado de la pantalla.

25 games that demonstrate their incredible relationship with gastronomy and restaurants
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