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3 Examples of how virtual reality is coming to restaurants


The restaurants, like other businesses, they have to adapting their reality to their customers and even sometimes overcome in order to always offer the best experience, that differs from your competition and causing the user wants to go back and share it through digital environments.

The latest big news that some restaurants are using is virtual reality, a shocking innovation and which, for its recent implementation must still find the most appropriate uses and developments for the industry. Nevertheless, we can find some examples of restaurants that have managed to improve the dining experience of their customers through virtual reality.

The first is that of the Italian chain based in the UK Carluccio’s which has distributed 50.000 pairs of glasses RV-3D in all its restaurants to allow guests to immerse themselves in Italy within minutes. These headphones and 3D glasses allow virtually RV-transport customers to the idyllic coast of Taomina, in Sicily, while they are enjoying typical local dishes. Customers only have to download a Youtube video on your Smartphone and connect to these devices for a unique dining experience.

This innovation Carluccio's Restaurant It has been implemented on the occasion of the celebration of its first significant change from menu 1999. Undoubtedly it will be a powerful promotional weapon, hard to beat by any other marketing strategy.

Move the dining experience anywhere

The path has opened Carluccio's highlights the enormous possibilities that virtual reality offers customers of any restaurant. They can eat underwater, surrounded by flowers, in the middle of a vineyard, on top of a mountain or in a typical French winery, The possibilities are virtually endless.

Virtual reality is nothing more than the latest innovation to join the list of those already known, as mobile devices, Internet of things, new payment methods, the big data, they are making their foray into hospitality as in any other sector.

The perception that customers have of the restaurants has changed radically in recent years, Today the gastronomic moment is no longer all that matters. Diners are looking for new experiences, thanks to new technologies, such as virtual reality, let these be much more global and digital.

The virtual food blog Myo Studios

A small startup called Boston Myo Studios Is developing the first virtual food blog. Again, thanks to a pair of RV-3D we will be able to visit the most popular restaurants in the world without the need to get up the sofa at home.

This company is also developing a program for learn to cook through first-person virtual reality, where we will see how it's done, using food and utensils we see before us, but in “reality” They're not here. In any case, the latter project is still under development, we have to wait a bit to see how it is done finally.

How to improve the dining experience virtual reality

This is the ideal way to find use this innovation to improve customer experience. For example, They could sit in a room full of aromas of delicious foods with a pair of VR-3D, for low-calorie food taste like a real steak. This is an experience you can enjoy people with health problems or allergies to certain foods, allowing try a food that normally would not be able to consume.

It has also been thought to be used in space missions, so astronauts can experience feelings more like what would be a meal on Earth.

At the moment, It is true that RV produce any experience in a restaurant is still quite expensive, as it involves special equipment. But from the point of view of the impact digital, we have seen leaves some strategies and ideas that we can implement.

The truth is that today, with a simple implementation of any virtual reality system, It will make a difference to competitors. Certainly an innovation of this kind helps attract new customers to the restaurant and to retain those who already have.

The case of McDonald's Singapore

To end another example of virtual reality, the popular fast food chain McDonalds, He is always trying to be the first to feature the latest in technology applied to the world of restoration. In this case, one of its restaurants in Singapore is putting it into practice by all kinds of innovations: from spaces recharge mobile phones using Google Cardboard virtual reality, what It allows customers to take a virtual tour around the restaurant, a technological whole experience.

Here I leave you with the video, By the way if you have a virtual reality glasses do not hesitate to wear them:

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