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3 apps that use unusual restaurants in New York for extra income


Hunger sharpens the wit, they say. In the case of New York restaurants, food needs are well covered, but the rentals are becoming a real headache. During 2017, They rose again in the metropolis, drilling control measures imposed by the city and exceeding expectations appraisers soothsayers.

In the segment of greater popularity among restauradores, the price per square meter was around at the moment the 1.150 euros, more than double than in any other US city, and rents are adjusted accordingly.

Being restorer in New York is synonymous with rack your brains to increase profits. Sometimes, these extra profits so longed come through a better integration with social networks and digital environments, allowing increase the visibility of the local. In other instances, is the use of new management technologies allowing achieve desired profitability.

Now, A new option is available through a collection of mobile applications for restaurants who they claim to value hidden services establishments.

1.-Luluapp: virtual tolls in bathrooms

Charging for access to toilets is certainly unheard of practice. Nevertheless, we can bring similar experiences in the field of restoration. For example, in many countries pay utilities are commonplace. In Germany, They are found in many stations Highway, in the Paris metro are so many, and Amsterdam have managed to minimize the impact of incivility. Spain also can find them at the train stations like Atocha in Madrid.

Luluapp It is an application that allows the restorer increase the benefits of local establishing a rate from 0.99 Y 4 dollars for the use of services. Should not be interpreted as an additional cost for guests who visit the restaurant, but as a service supports restoration visitors who do not intend to eat or drink is offered.

Users who have installed Luluapp on your mobile terminal can locate the nearest toilet his position and address him. From there all are benefits: app developers take a cut (a 35%), the rest are untapped profits for the business owner, and users can alleviate their needs without having to make a complete consumption (which in many cases it serves as a deterrent).

Cleaning expenses are better justified when toilets are a productive part of the business. Far from increased soil level, it hardly varies, because those who pay to access the toilets are usually neat and respectful simply by being aware that it is a service for which they have paid.

2.- Bagbnb: Nurses luggage of travelers

Tourists who do not want to leave your luggage unattended are in luck because, Airbnb likeness, Bagbnb It is a service that allows you to rent spaces slogans care bags, backpacks and travel bags.

Traditional slogans against, located at bus stations, train platforms or airports; Bagbnb deposits They are characterized by their low. They have no competition in the market.

The operation of this app is similar to other mobile applications. Restaurant owners can register for the service as vendors of a safe space to store packages. On the other hand, Bagbnb users looking for availability slogans near the site they plan to visit. The price is extremely affordable, just 5€ per package.

That is why many restaurants are already relying on this service to increase profits. A wonderful example is the Pennsylvania 6, próximo a Penn Station (NY), what sees a 2.000 dollars of additional revenue from this app. Chelsea Feldcher, store manager, He indicated for New York Post the mañanero trajín involved, when at least ten people are queuing up to leave belongings in a safe place.

Of course, many others to it and trust Bagbnb, worth their while. “Any extra income is great for us and we are also presenting new people restaurant”, He concluded in his interview.

3.- KettleSpace: Converts tables in offices

rent a small meeting space for professionals It is a practice that, with the advent of workers freelancer, virtual and externalised professional nomads with remote locations, It is becoming the norm.

Unfortunately, rent an office is almost as expensive as rent the premises for a restaurant; and if you only need a few hours, it is impossible to justify spending.

There are many services that claim to ease the burden, from office buildings in exchange for a monthly fee allows the use of them within a limited schedule and planned, to alternatives such as KettleSpace.

KettleSpace allows owners club, bars and restaurants rent tables to self-employed workers who need a workspace. You can hold a meeting or working from a computer. The interested simply have to deal with the associated costs (25 dollars for a day or 99 for a monthly plan) and restorer will ensure that the professional has available space required.

The start-up He has spent his gestation period and positive experiences begin to emerge. For luxury pub Hotel Chantelle, located on the roof of one of the city skyscrapers, supported restoration services provided through the app for restaurants remunerate the owner with at least 3.000 dollars every week. Money not know I was there, as he confessed Ravi Patel, Local owner.

It is shown that a restaurant is not just a place to eat. What will other unexploited sources of income appearing in the future? We will have to keep sharp eye to see what is happening in big American cities, there where the competition is more virulent.

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