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3 reasons for using tablets in a restaurant


Efficiency when conducting operations in a restaurant is something that is becoming more valued by customers. Therefore, any improvements we can implement in this regard, It will help us to have greater brand awareness and increase customer traffic to our business.

Now, the big question that must arise every restaurant manager is: How do you get your waiters increase productivity and how you could make your work more easy?

The answer lies in technology

Times have changed and all companies are in a phase in which tend to digitize their processes, Why not going to happen in hospitality?

The use of paper and pen is in decline, and the trend is that more and more, we see waiters we come to deal with tablets or other mobile devices.

Deploying tablets to streamline operations in your restaurant

  1. Organize your personal

Those waiters that go with comandero digital, They are free enough to be at all times outstanding service, They do not abandon their range and can devote himself to perform their job better.

In this way we will be able to obtain a increased profitability in our business, and also give an opportunity for employees to feel more comfortable, which no doubt will eventually be passed on to customers.

The ratio measures the amount of Returning customers consume our establishment will increase significantly because we are working to achieve greater loyalty of these.

  1. Takes food orders without distractions

As we have already mentioned, pen and paper are a thing of the past, as when the waiter had to aim the commands, and then have to take her to the kitchen and bar as co-introduced at the POS.

Throughout all this way, the waiter can be distracted by requests from other clients or for any other reason, what will make you lose several minutes until your commands reach the kitchen.

Conversely, If the request is sent directly from the table, the kitchen can begin immediately to prepare the dish and the waiter will keep throwing food orders without wasting time. Once again, We improve a process to better serve our customers and the best experience in our restaurant.

  1. Do not waste consumed items

The volume loss items in a service You can be up to 10% about the sales. This is because when our waiters have to sing you command bar staff, It does not take into account that some orders are served several times, like drink or bread, for example, but no sign often repeating, They are forgotten and are not charged to consumers.

When they used tablets, or other technological comanderos throwing food orders directly to the POS and accounts, all items served are charged. We get thus maximize profit of our business and improve daily restaurant operations.

Digitizes processes your restaurant

These three points are perfect to understand why business hotel and restaurants tend more and more to digitize their processes. This way they can get a computerized management and reliable of everything that is happening on a daily basis.

If our waiters no longer have to roam around the local, they can focus on being more efficient in their work. further this digitization will allow us to analyze we can use to identify trends, patterns or behaviors that help streamline and simplify our actions at company level.

The kilometers that will save our employees by this measure, will involve a smaller decrease in their capacities as well as a less physical wear on their daily. further, If the restaurant staff can comfortably carry out their work, this is going to be reflected in an increase in the quantity and quality of their work.

This is not only to achieve maximize our benefits, if not to provide our employees conveniences which in turn help us minimize our costs. The formula is perfect.

Already Digitize your hospitality business!

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