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3 marketing techniques for restaurants that have achieved better results


Now that the digital business forms a substantial part of the total sales made from the hospitality business, it is imperative to join each marketing strategy appearing in the virtual world.

There are many possibilities that the restaurant has when to publicize your establishment, Nevertheless only some of the solutions are really efficient. In the next article we will thresh the three marketing strategies that better functioned in 2019, and likely will continue to have an important place in the range of advertising and promotional options restaurateur in 2020 and years ahead.

1.- An employee assigned to the work of public relations through networks

Not all restaurants can be allowed to have an employee who is dedicated exclusively to manage the presence online local. This possibility usually be limited to large operations organized restoration.

Nevertheless, why should not slacken the small restaurateur in their efforts. There is always the alternative of giving these powers to one of the employees of the business, who in addition to addressing the social networking profiles, Aggregators published in the reviews and consultations arriving electronically, It will also focus on other tasks in situ more traditional.

Concentrating all online efforts on one person instead of distributing the tasks among various components of the human team of the restaurant allows the worker assigned to communications have a better overview, gain experience and put in value this asset in a more fruitful.

According to him Report successful restaurants 2019 written by Toast and which they involved more than 1000 sector establishments, he 34% managers put their trust in a single worker when it comes to launching deals online, engage with the Internet and update corporate network profiles.

2.- Social networks as a showcase exposed to the world

Social networks are not just a place to browse the lives of others and discuss with people who do not even know for trivial matters. The restaurant can use these platforms for their own benefit.

Maintaining a presence online robust platform as Google My business, Facebook and Instagram is paramount if you want to win in the race that is fought on internet to attract customers. Nor is exploring other alternatives; promotions have worked very well in recent years, and there are businesses that have their kingdom on Whatsapp. Resourcefulness and determination when reaching the customer usually compensate.

Mented and attending the study Toast, the following conclusions are drawn:

  • Two thirds of the restorers consulted are advertisers on social networks.
  • The number of restaurants that have a profile Instagram almost tripled between 2018 Y 2019. Currently a 68% of respondents have an account on the social network.
  • A 91% participating restaurants have a profile on Facebook.

With these data it is clear that the importance of social networks as marketing strategy it should not be undermined today. Society demands that companies with which they interact have a presence online, and those businesses that maintain their brand image on the Internet are those who, before or after, just they triumphing among the masses.

3.- Manages the online reputation of the restaurant

The times in which the consumer would consult friends or family to a new location recomendasen him to eat have passed. This does not mean that word of mouth has perished. Quite the contrary! His power has increased so much that the restaurant must be very careful with the negative publicity. Despite the popular saying, not all publicity is good ...

When a customer who does not know our hotel restaurants Internet searches are in your area, What are trendy local businesses offer or what products you want, as well will make additional searches to see if the user experience you can get in these establishments is in line with expectations.

To do this you use any of the aggregators of opinions online which can be found on the Internet. This is usually the most common response. At other times the potential client decides to go through the social networks of business, to see what the perceptions are that the public has about the company in question.

All these data influence their final decision. The initial impression has increasingly less, and for this reason the restaurants employ techniques marketing specialized to improve the feeling generated in Internet.

These techniques can range from creating a consistent brand image with consumers rewards systems mediantes apps mobile, allowing reward customers leaving reviews with benefits (discounts on your next drinking, free items, etc).

According to scientific studies consumer psychology, have a strong and exemplary presence in one of the most important aggregators reviews (Google My Business, ElTenedor O TripAdvisor, for example) You can generate a increase in sales of between 5 and a 9 percent of the total turnover. A treat that no restaurateur can pass.

Hence it has to follow the manual of good practices to keep our reviews under control:

  • Never losing papers
  • If incidence, try to solve the problem before the customer leaves the premises
  • Always answer the negative reviews and acknowledge the positive
  • Maintain contact with moderation teams aggregators reviews for managing false opinions and unjust
  • Involve the whole team in managing online reputation

These three fronts have allowed digital marketing to capitalize on public restaurants online. In 2020 It is still time to join these trends and start generating additional revenue through clever use of digital environments.

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