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3 tricks to increase your restaurant sales at Christmas


Christmas, weeks of non-stop lunch and dinner, one of the most productive periods (and hard) the year for restaurants and all the hospitality sector. Why a few days ago we talked about some keys with which increase your restaurant reservations at this time thanks to Facebook. and we discussed the importance of often update the page for your business, facilitating contact details to your customer and even offering the possibility to arrange the booking through a shortcut on your Fanpage.

Now, totally immersed in Christmas carols and polvorones we focus on how to get the most out of your restaurant. Specifically, we want to offer some Keys to consider in these weeks of December, fast-paced, face the increase sales and benefits of your establishment. How?

3 tips to apply these Christmas days in your restaurant

1.- Do not fall into "the trap of hake"

At this point you have probably found that with the arrival of Christmas food price rises of certain brazenly. This is due to the strong demand for this time of year, which in most cases it is not offset by an increase in the supply of some products, as is the case of seafood, certain meat sausages or. Sometimes the price of the first reaches up to a 200% O 300% of their usual price.

Therefore they deserve special attention escandallos, that comprehensive costing of each dish. Watch out, in this study had better use as reference the theoretical cost, which it is what you calculated at the time when you put prices. And the high Volatility of certain items sometimes causes the theoretical cost does not reflect reality, making you fall into the trap of selling dishes that you actually are causing losses.

This will not happen, Nevertheless, If you update your escandallos often with actual costs you are paying, because you'll be sure not get into a situation where your sales can ruin. From there you will achieve profitability get if you get certain deals boost your restaurant menu and you avoid falling into the trap of having to waste part of your budget on certain foods.

2.- Waiters ... To sell! and especially, the signature dish

Yes, profitability or quality of the cuisine of a bar or restaurant is fundamental, but it is not everything, the service provided during a diner experience It plays an equal role in determining.

Good waiter should Know your gastronomic offer to sell well, and specifically the signature dish of your letter. Here's the key, which is closely related to our previous point about escandallos.

No, It is not the same as selling a skewer foie a 5€, a profit of 1 €; to sell a skewer tortilla 5 €, obtaining a profit margin of 4 €. As the percentage gain of each plate is significantly different, we realize that we will gain proportionately more selling more than tortilla pinchos foie.

The star dish of your letter, cash cow in English, It thus becomes key. And if you incentive your waiters in a fun way by organizing a contest to see who is the best selling your signature dish?

3.- Not missing the Christmas Cakes

As in any season, Christmas has special products, cf. mulled wine in Germany, the Mince Pies in the United Kingdom, one to Christmas log in France.

Offer seasonal or specific products of this time of year Our third recommendation is to increase the profits of your business. It is not just a matter of feast or celebration, if not rather differentiation.

Sometimes the sale of certain products may create a special traffic for your restaurant, managing to attract more customers who come to sample some of those specialties that make you different from other businesses catering. So, you know, This Christmas do not forget the Christmas Cakes ...

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