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30 Pictures of “eggs cloud”, Instagram the new foodporn #cloudeggs


It has everything to become the new trend in social networking viral, the eggs (to) nube "the cloud eggs They have flooded timelines of everything foodie offering self-respecting images and recipes as colorful as delicious.

And is that, this dish answers all that is needed today to become trend: This is an easy recipe to prepare, It is healthy (in its simplest versions), It offers a wide range of possibilities and is very showy, as we can see in the collection share below.

Along with the thousands of images uploaded to Instagram and Youtube videos on cooking this dish centenary, users upload their own recipes generating a stream of forward both knowledge sharing and learning, as delight one of the most aesthetically beautiful dishes at the same time I simple.

How to cook some eggs cloud or cloud perfect eggs

Its development can not be simpler. enough separating the yolks from whites to beat the latter to the point of snow. Right now you can spice up or let your imagination and help Parmesan, parsley, beicon, etc.

Then, with clear snow point should be performed on the baking sheet, a cloud or nest per yolk becomes available. To bake 2 O 3 220 minutes and remove to enter the egg in the nest, and finally re-introduced into the furnace other 2 O 3 minutes at 220 ° C…that is all, easy, fast and instagrameable!

From there, We have seen different styles when present: accompanied by a toast and avocado, with spinach, together with strips of bacon, etc. The possibilities are many and powerful imagination and facing an omelette, a fried egg, heated, or hard ... the "cloud eggs" are very attractive.

Undoubtedly, This is a trend that responds to the patterns that govern the mentality of the younger generation because it is Fast cooking, It is healthy and leads to tremendous visual virguerías. As a result, the #cloudeggs hashtag has become one of the most viral on Instagram, and so we wanted to make a collection with the most outstanding photographs.

As you can see the results are impressive, We invite you to test your own recipe and upload to social networks…

Cloud eggs with smashed avocado on toast #leanin15 #food #foodie #recipes #thebodycoach #instagood #instagram #cloudeggs

A shared publication by Joe Wicks # Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) he

This year matsnackis Cloud egg Dare you on this Creation? Link to profile #cloudegg #cloudeggs

A publication by ICA Sverige shared (@icasverige) he

The tired teenage daughter was inspired by Ernst yesterday and surprised with scones and “äggmoln” for breakfast #cloudeggs #Ernst #frukost

Posted by Lena shared Rosenholm (fd. Olafsen) (@lenarosenholm) he

I had to try these cloud eggs. #pilvimuna #cloudeggs #samirinnedesign

Noora shared publication (@noorakoo) he

#cloudeggs on a cloudy day for a clouded mind (miserably fails when the yolk breaks)

Franz publication shared by Stefanie Sanico (@ fran.zanny) he

#breakfast #cloudeggs #bougie

A shared publication by Erran (@erranschloss) he

We’re such millennials. #cloudeggs #breakfast #prayer #biblestudy

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Morning to return to the four. #cloudeggs

Lina shared publication (@linamatildajej) he

I'm getting ace in #ovos . . #cloudeggs #egg #eggs #ovo #breakfast #cafedamanha

Shared by Alisson Pedro publication (@ ali.pedro) he

On the clouds for #brunch yo!!! #cloudeggs #sunyay #eggporn #yolkporn

A publication by Aliff shared Zaidin (@aleph_z) he

Cloud Eggs… slightly peculiar, but tasty. #food #cloudeggs

Posted by Cathy shared Weston (@caffiej) he

Cloud Cloud egg Egg Egg I tried one of the healthiest ways of cooking eggs in order to popularize your tiny changes in your breakfast this morning, or have a very sweet egg take the yellow image, I'm getting a rough white. add a little salt with electric mixer until foamy cream consistency I flapping. I lay wax paper medium without the help of a white spoon on a baking tray placing too deep, I open enough to go yellow. 3 I cook minutes in the oven. Then I place the yellow open the oven, again 2-3 I am very simple and practical cooking minutes, The above dill / onions / wish you a Garnish with spices everyone good days #breakfast #cloudeggs #healthyfood #goodfood #egg #prote the #breakfastti to #energy #eatcle the #eatright #myplat to #diet #bulutyumurt to # fırındayumurt to # sağlıklıpişir the # sağlıklıyaşa my # kahvaltısızasl to #yumurt to # I benimkahvalt

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#ndp2017 #singaporean #singaporenationalday #throwback #cloudeggs #lioncity #singaporeflag #gardencity #thisishome #k妈cooks

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