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30 original ideas that succeed in Instagram to decorate a restaurant


There is nothing to call attention more and more customers like that original decoration in the restaurant chosen. The first physical impression of customers goes through a striking decor of the establishment. External and internal. This does not mean that the decision to return pass only by said, more factors influencing, the quality of food, the value, customer relations, etc.

But what is true, is that the decor is a factor to take into account and possibly be one of the items that weigh more in the decision of our customers.

Thus, we have made a compilation of 30 images of original decorations shared on Instagram restaurants to inspire our readers:



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Located in a modern building and sustainable, built from recycled containers, the chef Rafael #RestauranteUrucum Miralha #PraiaDoRosa in #SantaCatarina is the largest representative of typical Brazilian cuisine in Praia do Rosa. The architectural design is unlike anything that exists in the region, leaving the restaurant in a suspended above the street level and transforming the space into a gazebo overlooking the sea and the mountains. The construction is available, relying on lift and places for wheelchair users. The decor uses recycling materials, paintings and sculptures by local artists and landscaping integrates the native vegetation in a clearance in the center of the building, leaving the place with a unique and exclusive beauty. We all here: http://bit.ly/urucumpdr

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The Coal Office restaurant at @kingscrossn1c, London. Our goal is to constantly evolve and adapt the restaurant as new ideas materialise, with the intention to test more radical ideas in lighting, interior design, and tableware in tight collaboration with the chefs. Book now for lunch and dinner (breakfast coming soon). #tomdixon #coaloffice #assafgranit #kingscross #restaurant #london #londonrestaurant

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There is a store any. On the ground MorumbiShopping, Cacau Show opened a megastore, todinha decorated. Are 450 square meters to accommodate not only all the lines of the brand, but also news. Between them, unique items like candy in cup format (next to, R$ 3,00 each one) and great cocoa beans surrounded by chocolate (R$ 99,90 kilo) made from the roasters that happen every hour. The unit also operates as cafeteria. In self-service system, customers enter orders on a screen and waiting for the password on the panel. Two coffees, It makes beautiful macchiato with milk chocolate sauce (R$ 14,90), delivered in a high-smeared glass edges. The mousses are in sleepers and are served in balls, like ice cream. In mixed small pot (R$ 12,90), are four versions (65% cocoa, milk, white and hazelnut ) arranged without much organization, making it difficult to feel each of flavors. On Tuesday and Friday nights, mounts a stage of free jazz concerts. A sector intended for children's products hosting a puppet theater. There is also the so-called Cocoa Lab, where professionals teach the public to make chocolate tempering and other tricks. Some nights, Alexandre Costa, founder and president of brand, give lessons there. "We made an investment 2 million reais to build the store ", reveals the entrepreneur, #sp #saopaulo #chocolate #vejasp

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