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30 cards for restaurants


Business Cards restaurants are an element that the techno-transformation process has not succeeded in eliminating, almost all restaurants have them and still used as a component of acquisition and customer loyalty.

Some time ago he shared the following collection: 25 designs business cards for your inspiration restaurants.

Today, along with my idea that this blog is also a source of inspiration and resource for restaurants, I want to share a new collection of 30 exclusive Business cards for restaurants.

I hope you like and find them useful.

Tycmoso 22-Ships BakerDChirico Basf Bondir Bone-Daddys Bottle-Rocket Burro Caribou Catch-the-Carabao Chuck-dory Daffodil Flock Gachus Jiminy La-Braseria La-Morita Mahoapuh Mesa Milano Molo-10 Mooi Pact Petes Projet Riffle Stefan The-Kurious-Kiwi the-oyster the-porch

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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