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4 keys to developing a successful strategy in social networks for restaurants


Do marketing It is not easy. There is always a high risk of failure, or not achieve the objectives. All media are taken over by the promotional efforts of Arabian commercial companies, including those that are direct competitors in our projects.

further, are equally abundant variables that will make our message resonate with the audience or not. And even if the message is successful and has the potential to become the best spot advertising the moment, this does not mean that what we transmit endure over time.

In this age, in which the preferred medium is digital and the use of networks is to agenda, Besides advertising knowledge needed to prevail in the war for public attention necessary be well acquainted with the characteristics and technical capabilities of each platform.

It is not surprising, said this, the traditional hospitality frustrated by not being, the being, able to get the expected performance strategy marketing. What can you do to not suffer this situation?

1.- I am very consistent in your presence online

If you thought that having a profile on a social network or a reservation system was sufficient, You could not be more wrong.

The most striking positions in the social networks and all internet generally are reserved for those who maintain that active presence at all times. Not worth to occasionally share a post about our business. No. Is about post regular and periodic so that we provide perspectives and information on specialty we represent our restaurant.

If we are a burger and someone is looking for information about this meal, You should receive it through us. Of course, This is easier said than done. Saturation with existing networks is difficult to gain a foothold, and even more difficult it is establish itself as an authority; this is, a reliable and expert source in the treated field.

Nevertheless, if achieved, This will be achieved is that the traffic begins to flow organically into our profiles and web pages and thus new customers to our business.

This can not be done still irregular. Nor can reach this state by posting to every few, must be in front line to avoid being relegated to the background because of the publicity efforts of competing third.

Being realistic, enjoy this position is difficult, but may be relevant to your area of ​​influence, he 80% Your customers are from nearby, It uses the segmentation and the leader in geolocalizándote influence your radio as the best option for your customers.

We must satisfied with our promotional efforts and strategies marketing desemboquen social networks into sustained growth of our presence online. Comparisons were never good.

2.- Reach your customer through emotions

Sometimes being under great pressure escape us details of our daily lives that are crucial. If you want to advertise your local, the first thing you should do is to understand how advertising is done, and to do nothing better than to take a break and see how different ads try to put honey in our mouth to sell all kinds of products, each more variopinto.

Something many marketing newbies soon discover is that the data do not matter. If importasen, car ads give us all vehicle specifications, but instead of doing that show a palette of emotions that want to awaken our desire to experience what is touted Video: dare, adventure, enjoyment, etc.

It occurs equally with colonies, cosmetic products and, Of course, with food items and restaurants.

Once we have noticed that emotions are the true catalyst sales, pounce should not hurry to write the script for our ad, promotional video or entry for a social network. No. What you should do is visit the profiles of competition, especially those belonging to the market leaders.

Thanks to this we can evaluate how different media differ. Not the same a TV ad, intended for a cohort of very specific, and those in social networks, whose receiving audience will almost always younger and diverse. Follow the format expected by potential consumers is vital if we make the most of a strategy marketing based on emotions.

When we have assimilated all these factors, we will be able to run a truly transformative promotional maneuver.

3.- The video content is king

He positioned ahead of the other competitors was never easy, but in 2019 There is a small window to do.

If anything characterizes the human being is the fear of change. In this sense, common formats like image could soon stop having their hegemony in social networks, and inertia can be fatal to your business rivals. And not, We do not think Instagram it will sink, quite the contrary, its growth is more than just witnessed and one triennium could establish itself as the largest social network in the world (it is important to have a presence online there, well).

Our prediction about the video is based on next-generation mobile and data connections 5G that make downloading videos at high speed a reality in all countries of the West. Extrapolating Facebook de datos, a 95% users accessing social networks using their mobile terminals. Hence you can envision a future scenario in which images and text entries have been abandoned strategies marketing major catering companies, Video after.

The format stories Instagram Y Facebook, similar to a slide show is a first premonition of what was coming.

So that, adopt video as a primary means of communication in social networks may introduce a clear competitive advantage in the future. further, while technology adoption does not extend widely, there are always platforms like YouTube to cover the absence of spectators.

4.- Make your message is exceptional

The reality is that some of the actions marketing which have greater significance in the population have been recorded with a single chamber of a smartphone, and edited with some freeware.

You never know when to give the viral pelotazo. And if not tell that to the products He Blair Witch Project. Let us pause a moment to think about what made a film with a very poor methodology shooting a success at the box office and with critics. The secret was, definitely, in the way that everything presented, in the message that the consumer received to see that movie.

We should draw inspiration Daniel Myrick Y Eduardo Sánchez in this aspect. From the competition making extensive use of all those qualities that distinguish us and the characteristics that make us unique. Try convey that special about our restaurant and transform it into an advertising.

Regarding this point, It is important avoid stale formulas, excessively worn or directly associated with other brands. Copy the formats used by other catering companies in your niche will only be seen as a negative warning about your establishment. Tries to know the advertising efforts of competition desadvertidamente not match with the message of the ad or mode of delivery thereof, As much as you have been a coincidence, This only dynamited your renown.

And remember, The important thing is the message. Despreocúpate if your voice does not sound like you like, Do not think more of the account that do not look like a model. Planted in front of the camera and Contact your customers directly, unvarnished, convincing and forceful, clearly and, especially, naturalness.

When you have the possibility, trust professionals to develop each of the steps involved in a promotional campaign for restaurants. A data analyst or market can help you know what your exact position in the social and business, What future prospects are assumable, how to achieve your goals and learn more about your potential customers.

An expert in marketing You know think outside preset frames to realize a unique promotional action, emotional and attention-grabbing audience. An expert in social networks will help set the parameters of a technical nature encumbrará the above (publishing schedule, SEO, automation software to use ...). If you have budget does not hesitate to have experts in each of these fields. It is an investment, not an expense.

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