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4 little explored concepts being successful restaurants worldwide


The catering industry is particularly competitive. Often, the food is not enough as the only dynamic element of turnover. To provide a unique user experience that is unmatched with which they can give business rivals, original restoration concepts explored and few are one of the macrotendencias They observed in the market.

Nevertheless, many restaurant concepts appearing end up failing. We have recently seen the restaurant hembrista Handsome Her de Melbourne (Australia), which it seems to have curdled well among the population because of their exclusively vegan menu, strong political activism and an exclusive tax alienated men half their niche market potential.

To succeed there is no reason to launch an unprecedented bet, simply adapt what is working in other parts of the world to our environment. So ... What are the concepts that are creating school restoration?

1.- Restaurants igloos with the glazed domes Outdoor

Commonly referred igloos, glass domes for terraces are authentic boom in EE. THE. In fact, so much so that they have begun to already be seen in some European capitals.

The success of these areas lies in the ability to leverage the outer surface of the restaurant even in the coldest months of the year. further, confer a sense of exclusivity by which the restorers can apply exorbitant amounts for granting reservation.

There are some customers who say that there is nothing more enjoyable than to enjoy a good dinner with family while huge snowflakes falling over their heads, they remain well sheltered from adverse winter weather.

2.- Including robotics restoration

There are many fronts on which robotics restoration has opened a gap. Robots for home delivery are one of the applications, and they are the waiters robots and robotic assistants kitchen.

In addition to minimizing expenditure item intended to wages, Some restaurateurs have seen an additional opportunity robots: to value the spectacular nature of these technological solutions making the machine work is visible to diners.

do not stop visit To who, the gastrobot or humanoid robot has been developed by a Spanish company that is revolutionizing the service in the hospitality industry.

3.- Restaurants with dog parks

In an environment where the average diner comfort seems to be the only thing that matters, Many restaurants have joined a wave of bans not weighed: phones are prohibited in the tables, access is prohibited for children, pets are prohibited ...

Just in relation to the latter they have emerged dog parks. Bar K of Kansas City (measure, OF. UU.) Mix the attractions of a dog park with socialization that occurs in a traditional bar. While dogs frolic with each other, and the owners have the opportunity to enjoy other people's dogs, service catering K Bar offers drinks and snacks all present.

4.- Restaurants in the sea underwater

There is nothing more spectacular than dining in a restaurant surrounded by sharks or sea turtles. This is what must have thought who first conceived the underwater restaurant.

These submarines establishments are partially or fully submerged under sea ​​water. Its rooms are equipped with huge glass walls overlooking the vast ocean. Diners can enjoy the menu of the house while watching the fish and marine life passing in front of the windows. Otherworldly experience already be enjoyed in many places. Under Norwegian Restaurant It is a clear example.

Four mere examples of the many successful initiatives emerging everywhere.

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