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4 mobile marketing strategies for restaurants


Businesses have experienced a profound transformation over the past two decades. The digitization of business oriented to the retail sale of products or services to the end user has reconverted the way in which marketing and advertising works.

Of all economic activities, perhaps none have undergone such a radical adaptation of new technologies like restaurants. The sector has always been characterized by presenting a strong competition among professionals, and it is this peculiarity which has meant that mobile technologies have been welcomed with open arms in recent times.

Nevertheless, the evolution of these devices and their use does not stop, thus the owner of the restaurant has to remain attentive to the innovations that appear on the market. In case a manager feels lagging behind in his strategy marketing for the mobile world and adapting the business to these new technologies, the following four points help capture all mobile users they can potentially become customers.

1.- Prepare the website of the restaurant so that it is aimed at mobile users

More of 9 each 10 people have a smartphone. And these are used on a daily basis for all kinds of tasks, including restaurant reservations and orders online. It is a very high value, even considering that during quarantines the desktop computer has benefited from domestic confinements, teleworking and the continuous presence of its owners at home.

Since young consumers rely heavily on applications and websites of the restaurant for their transactions, It is interesting that these are prepared to give an active good user experience on mobile devices.

For applications this is usually not a problem, since it is usual that you said apps are native to an operating system iOS O Android, weirder is that desktop applications are first developed and then behave. Looking ahead, it may also be interesting to take into account the Huawei OS, although deep down it is based on Android, presents incompatibilities that must be considered and managed.

But the case is very different webs. Most restaurants with substantial business volume use their own website to promote the services offered on site, and so they have done since many years. Nevertheless, screen dimensions are very different on the monitor of a computer and in a small mobile.

Hence many web pages are outdated and that the number of Internet users who come and go instantly follow ascending. These mobile users, increasingly common, that entering into the web business can not navigate it comfortably.

A strategy marketing strong mobile-oriented imperative must be for a functional web for these devices. further, You should provide that the user does not have a mouse, and instead use the touch functions to interact with the web. Hence advertising online and calls to action must also be designed for this scenario.

2.- Update the restaurant's Google My Business listing

Currently it is a necessity for the restaurant professional to have a profile of Google My Business properly cared for and updated.

Photos must be professional and recently taken. The best dishes must be represented, and if possible the letter will be uploaded as a text or image so that Internet users can consult it.

All the data of the premises must appear clearly visible: address, telephone contact, email, opening hours, etc. It is convenient, especially in these uncertain times that the coronavirus has brought with it, that it is clearly indicated if the premises are open, if it has been closed to observe a lockdown or closure imposed by the local government, as well as the maximum stipulated capacity. Remember that according to Google Trends, since 2020 people search which stores are open instead of which ones are close to their position.

And finally, given the review aggregator functions that this Google segment integrates, You have to attend to and cure the opinions expressed by customers who have visited the place, and always do it professionally.

The best of Google My Business is that the appearance it presents on mobile devices is automatically adapted without the restorer having to provide additional work. This, along with the importance of this aggregator today, make Google My Business a Indispensable tool for advertising efforts online of the modern restaurant.

3.- Appears in lists or rankings of local restaurants

Local business lists exist both in small towns to large cities. To access them you must first locate them and this can be a tedious task.

Good to check with local business organizations, metropolitan newspapers, local business dynamization bodies, town halls, government delegations and advertisers to compile a complete list of existing opportunities in our geographic area of ​​influence. Sometimes, especially in the case of larger cities, there may also be webs, blogs, profiles of social networks and channels that make known the business network of the city.

Although the traffic that these business lists receive is much lower than that of other virtual storefronts such as official accounts in social networks, specialized web pages, digital ads and large aggregators, the cost is usually zero and only requires an initial investment of time. Once the restaurant is registered to be promoted in the lists, you don't have to do anything else.

Some restaurants that have made extensive use of this type of strategy marketing have seen their business volume grow with a remarkable percentage. So much so that companies specializing in registering restaurant businesses on as many local lists as possible have emerged..

4.- Send campaigns through SMS Marketing

Similar to email campaigns, advertising campaigns online based on the sending of SMS, they make use of the huge customer databases that some restaurateurs amass to boost the business they perceive, provided they are duly legalized.

This strategy works best with middle-aged people., Well with the youngest the spam generates strong friction, even more so when the channel through which the message is received is perceived as outdated, case of the SMS, which is a technology that is years old and has been far surpassed by instant messaging from apps as WhatsApp, Telegram O Snapchat.

SMS campaigns work well with reminders and offers limited time, custom discount promo codes, alerts for special events and similar uses.

The strategy marketing adopted does not have to directly encourage consumption, something as simple as encouraging reviews to be left in opinion aggregators where the restaurant has a presence can, in the long run, have a very positive effect on the future of the premises.

In 2021 it is important to consider mobile device users, With these four general tips we can improve the services we offer to a large number of users, Well, for three years the number of mobile Internet users already exceeds those who surf from computers. Something to keep in mind.

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