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4 ways to broadcast live the daily life of a restaurant


Lights, camera and action!, this is what we will hear soon the owners of many bars and restaurants replacing the typical; Marching one of squids!, if we ignore the incremento exponencial en el uso de las aplicaciones que permiten compartir en directo las historias gastronómicas que suceden entre las paredes o en las cocinas de los restaurantes.

And every time they are Frequent notifications in our smartphones type “(name of the restaurant) It is broadcasting live” through applications such as Periscope or Facebook Live. Not a day that does not receive any of the restaurants, cooks or foodies I follow in different digital channels.

Surely this allows customers, a sus seguidores o simplemente a los curiosos digitales conocer e interactuar en tiempo real con el restaurante como si este estuviera emitiendo un programa de televisión en directo. New technologies are continually offer opportunities restaurateurs para compartir y acercar de diferentes formas el día a día de lo que acontece en su negocio. More and more platforms, channels, devices and “gossip” Digital trying to seduce this union with new marketing strategies and digital communication.

further el elemento disruptivo es que se han salvado la barreras históricas de este tipo de comunicación, requiring complex and expensive technical resources. Today we no longer need large and expensive means to make such connections live, simply a smartphone that has camera and Internet access allows perfect broadcast everything that happens in our restaurant.

In these settings carefully scenery is not valued, a perfect script or an actor renowned, are other values Spontaneity, emotional closeness or what really engages supporters.

¿Qué contenidos sobre un restaurante son los más interesantes para retransmitir en directo?

The possibilities are endless only It depends on our imagination and creativity. It could be perfect to present a new dish of the menu, Restaurant different spaces, a recipe you want to share with our customers, introduce our team, etc.

A good example of this are live video the cook Sergi Arola emitted from the kitchen of his restaurant through its channel on Facebook, I recommend it, Here is the link:

Sergi Arola on your channel Facebook Live

4 aplicaciones para emitir vídeo por streaming en un restaurantes

1.- YouTube, the pioneer

It is the oldest platform that allows broadcast live videos. Lo puedes hacer simplemente pressing a button on your own YouTube channel what you retransmitirás everything that happens in front of the screen, o bien a través de los Hangouts que permiten además que varios usuarios puedan participar en tus vídeos.

2.- Periscope, Revolution Live Video

It has been bought by Twitter and It is one of the main channels of streaming live video sharing, born this year 2015 and it has revolutionized the market for live broadcasts of all genres. Since most of these applications It is very easy to use y simplemente haciendo clic en un botón puedes compartir los contenidos. Profile followers at Periscope receive a notification indicating them has started a live broadcast if they want to follow.

Periscope is a tool owned by Twitter for transmitting video streaming.Periscope

3.- Facebook Live, the new bet

The networking giant could not stay behind and also It has launched its platform broadcast live content. El sistema es tan sencillo como entrar en Facebook desde tu smartphone y tocar el botón de “to transmit”. Opniendo just a title to your video and you can start sharing all you want about your restaurant.

The system is as simple as entering Facebook from your smartphone and touch the button & quot; transmit & quot;. Live Facebook

4.- Snapchat, fashion social network

It's amazing growth of this new communication channel ya supera a twitter, more than 150 million active users per day, principalmente de una franja de edad bastante joven, he 71% They are under 25 years.

Unlike other applications there is a limitation in time, ya que los vídeos pueden tener una duración máxima de 10 second and further 24 horas desaparecen de la aplicación. If you want to generate messages longer you must record different videos with the time limitations discussed. The video can share a privately, with one or more persons or also a publicly creating stories.

Snapchat is currently located in the most downloaded applications globally with Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube among others.Snapchat

Definitely, new opportunities and digital resources allowing any hotelier can relay instantly through your smartphone what is happening in your business in real time to cry…lights, camera and action!

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