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4 Questions Every hotelier should respond to successfully face the new season


For some restaurants just a few intense months and others start, That is September, and in Miss tipsi we like to ask how to end a good start to a season.

That's why we've been raising these 4 questions to ask some insight into managing a business hotel and somehow ensure that a necessary reflection that every owner of a business should be done before the start of a new campaign.

QUESTION 1.- May I better manage my business?

We want to start with a very simple idea, there is always room for improvement in regard to keep track of my business:

  • How detailed Are my products escandallos?
  • What I profit margin of each product?
  • What is the food cost and have analyzed mine?
  • What is my flagship product and why?
  • Have I changed any ingredients that have risen too high price?
  • Have I sought other suppliers that can offer the same at the best price?
  • Have I analyzed the prices of similar venues around me?
  • What is the average ticket per person?

If the answer to all these questions is Yes! outright, little more we will be able to tell. But if the answer is no, a good place to start is by downloading organize the following reports:


How does it help you to have good reports to improve your business? Here's how to save more than 18% cost of your business disaggregating all articles in your letter.

QUESTION 2.- Am I taking full advantage of new technologies?

Ask yourself how you can help ICT, you must not only think you have to have them, If you're not sure how to use it, better not to implement.

PREGUNTA 3.- ¿Estoy gestionando a mi equipo de forma adecuada?

  • ¿Cómo están haciendo su trabajo mis camareros?
  • ¿Estoy atrayendo al perfil correcto de camarero que quiero contratar?
  • ¿Qué son mis camareros, empleados o mis comerciales? ¡Hay una gran diferencia!

¿Quieres saber cómo contratar a un buen camarero?…


Y no esta de mas que se sepan todos “Los 101 mandamientos del buen camarero”

PREGUNTA 4.- ¿Estoy aprovechando al máximo las fechas importantes, tendencias y temporadas?

Fiestas, eventos deportivos, en fechas como oktoberfest y halloween, por no decir navidad, el consumo medio incrementa, y merece la pena hacer un mini esfuerzo para atraer gente estos días claves.

Podríamos decir que al final del día la pregunta se resume en:

¿Me estoy tomando mi negocio como una empresa o no?

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