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Videos of recipes inspired by film directors…You have born #FoodFilm?


Las asociaciones entre film and food They are endless, in fact the same newspaper published an article we have relating to the seventh art with the world of restaurants. This time, He was the film director and food stylist David Ma who has surprised us all with a series of recipes explained in a very special way.

In particular it is FoodFilms, a short film in which some of the most famous directors develop simple recipes, but with a style definitely special.

Thus, film director Quentin Tanrantino We present the spaghetti with meatballs violent and bloody you've tried, Alfonso Guarón It brings us some pancakes, as newcomers space and Wes Anderson teaches us to compose a beautiful plate of smores (a sweet chocolate and marshmallow roasting) like a plane of one of his films were, Besides, Michael Bay introduces waffles that will blow you through the air.

If you love the cinema and gastronomy, and you are not afraid to open your appetite as a movie theater on a Friday afternoon before a grand premiere, we recommend you view these as culinary shorts. Take advantage!

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