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4 restaurants inspired by film classics


Restaurants taken from the big screen are booming because they are considered a safe bet, at least beyond our borders.

There are many scenes shot in restaurants, a real time and other created for the occasion. It is precisely the latter, those invented by the film industry that most interest, so much so that this business model is increasingly on the rise.
there are numerous restaurants and bars set in hit TV series. But, What about the extracted celluloid? Here are some examples of establishments that have surpassed fiction and have become something real and tangible. You have been in any? Do you know other examples?


How could it be otherwise, Titanic, one of the highest grossing films in history has its own restaurant, el Titanic Theatre. In fact, are two venues of this particular boat restaurant, one in the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles and another in Williamstown (Australia). He Titanic Theatre It is the perfect place to live an unforgettable evening aboard the Titanic in which to enjoy a three-course dinner, a drink and live entertainment. yes, here there is no danger of iceberg.

If you want to see it with your own eyes, This is your video presentation:

Harry Potter

If there is a saga with a legion of fans that is Harry Potter. The character created by J. K. Rowling has served as inspiration for various creations and the world of hospitality was not going to be left behind. Toronto is The Lockhart, a bar that attracts followers of the magic of Hogwarts worldwide. Attention: also suitable for muggles.

She takes its name from the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, one of the most eccentric characters in the saga. The owners are extremely cautious to avoid getting into conflicts copyright, so the scenery is somewhat sparse but no shortage of references to movies. Without going further, the room is dominated by a large mural that reads "potions and elixirs" and in which many cocktails rebaptized for the occasion are stacked. This is essentially a cocktail bar, but also have lids letter.

Gran Hotel Budapest

Milan is the Bar Light, a glamorous cafe that seems out of the very Grand Hotel Budapest. Framed within the artistic and cultural complex Fondazione Prada, the designer is the Wes Anderson film director, who has captured perfectly the aesthetics of his films. With only transfer its doors in time will travel to Italy in the fifties to enjoy coffee or pastries rather than appealing abundant in the Luce Bar counters. Although, according to Anderson, The bar is designed to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the pleasure of writing, one of the most attractive elements of the local are your machines pinball inspiradas ‘The Life Aquatic’ y ‘Castello Cavalcanti’, two works by US director.

Alice in Wonderland

Who would have thought that the entrance to Wonderland would be in Valencia? There is precisely the Café de las Maravillas, a portal to the magical world in which Alice accidentally sneaks down a rabbit hole. Set in Lewis Carroll's story and the subsequent film Walt Disney, this imaginative cafeteria recreates the most famous scenes of the story, as the garden where Queen cultivate red roses, or lounge opposite, a room "where nothing is where it should".

Perfect for gourmands, It offers a wide selection of cakes plagued, waffles, crepes and all kinds of pastries to accompany tea, a coffee or a fruit smoothie. If you're late for tea time and are more out at sunset, weekends also offer dinners of sandwiches, burgers and other entrees, and a variety of cocktails.

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