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40 pictures menu food served on airplanes


Let's be honest, when we think the airline food, only come to mind negative adjectives; soda, tasteless, gummy, and in extreme cases even disgusting.

The superlatives fall short, but they all help us to make it clear that one of the latest concepts that fly relacionarías with quality food. While acknowledging that in recent years some companies like Iberia, They have made important efforts to change this idea.

But the truth is that seeing this collection 40 Photos of menus served in some companies in Business Class, we can start thinking that the dining experience can also be enriching 30.000 feet tall.

It seems that in this unattainable utopia for many, called First Class, airlines They strive ever more to feed its passengers with quality food.

Nevertheless, seeing collection images with menus First Class and Economy Class in each of the world's airlines, It is impossible not be surprised by the huge difference between some dishes and other.

Here you have the photo collection, judge for yourself:

United (first class)

United---Dinner-in-first-classUnited (Tourist class)

United---Dinner-in-economy-classTurkish Airlines (Tourist class)

Turkish-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classTurkish Airlines (bussines classes)

Turkish-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classThai Airways (first class)

Thai-Airways---Dinner-in-first-classThai Airways (Tourist class)

Thai-Airways---Dinner-in-economy-classSingapore Airlines (first class)

Singapore-Airlines---Dinner-in-first-classSingapore Airlines (Tourist class)

Singapore-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classLufthansa (Tourist class)

Lufthansa---Dinner-in-economy-classLufthansa (bussines classes)

Lufthansa---Dinner-in-business-classKorean Airlines (Tourist class)

Korean-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classKorean Airlines (bussines classes)

Korean-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classKLM Dinner (Tourist class)

KLM---Dinner-in-economy-classKLM Dinner (bussines classes)

KLM---Dinner-in-business-classKenya Airlines (Tourist class)

Kenya-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classKenya-Airlines (bussines classes)

Kenya-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classJapan-Airlines (Tourist class)

Japan-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classJapan Airlines (bussines classes)

Japan-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classEmirates Airlines (first class)

Emirates-Airlines---Dinner-in-first-classEmirates Airlines (Tourist class)

Emirates-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classDelta (Tourist class)

Delta---Dinner-in-economy-classDelta Dinner (bussines classes)

Delta---Dinner-in-business-classCathay Pacific Airlines (Tourist class)

Cathay-Pacific-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classCathay Pacific Airlines (bussines classes)

Cathay-Pacific-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classBritish Airways (Tourist class)

British-Airways---Dinner-in-economy-classBritish Airways (first class)

British-Airways---Appetizer-in-first-classANA Airlines (premium economy class)

ANA-Airlines---Premium-economy-dinnerANA Airlines (Tourist class)

ANA-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classAmerican Airlines (Tourist class)

American-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classAmerican Airlines (bussines classes)

American-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classAir France (first class)

Air-France---Dinner-in-first-classAir France (Tourist class)

Air-France---Dinner-in-economy-classAir China (Tourist class)

Air-China---Dinner-in-economy-classAir China (bussines classes)

Air-China---Dinner-in-business-classAir Canada (Tourist class)

Air-Canada---Dinner-in-economy-classAir Canada (bussines classes)

Air-Canada---Dinner-in-business-classAegean Airlines (Tourist class)

Aegean-Airlines---Dinner-in-economy-classAegean Airlines (bussines classes)

Aegean-Airlines---Dinner-in-business-classLAN (Tourist class)

LAN (bussines classes)

Lan-dinnerNow we know that it is possible. You can travel by plane and eat well! It seems that the only necessary condition is to travel first class, but it's something I'll be!

So the next time you have a long plane ride, you know what for a few euros more You can save these fuss, pouting and nausea that provoke menus aircraft Economy Class.

Get on First Class and enjoy your dining experience. Or you can do as many continue to carry your food. In the end, there will always be people with class, and classes of people.

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