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40 Ideas dishes based on favorite characters from children


In a holiday season for the smallest of the house, creativity in preparing the dishes we serve in our restaurant every day is especially important, and is that we have to seduce younger, get food find it appetizing.

For children this is a period of total disconnection, moldable schedules and much free time. Maintaining good eating routine It is not always easy for parents what, as usual, They continue to have the same job if not more (until they can take their holiday weeks), but they want to stick with a healthy and balanced diet for them and their families.

A creative way to woo your restaurant diners

Create colorful and fun dishes meals that remind them of their favorite characters is the perfect incentive to get kids to revive their interest in food and find the experience much more enjoyable restaurants.

To do this we recommend these ideas we have taken from Laleh Mohmedi, a mother of Melbourne preparing meals with healthy ingredients and creativity, inspired by favorite characters from her young son Jacob.

In this way you will get not only catch that young audience, but also seduce their parents, which they are diners that we retain. And what better way, with some of these ideas dishes based on children's characters! Hopefully this collection will serve as inspiration, you have fun and you whet your appetite.

Ideas dishes based on children's characters


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