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5 management applications “made in USA” who succeed in restaurants


connectivity, immediacy, facilities and opportunities offered by new technologies, They can and should be used by employers for their own benefit and for improve the performance of its restaurants. That's why we present some management applications that are triumphing in the United States and make more effective the work of the hoteliers.

The success of a business, including a restaurant, is to know be aware of the latest trends. Here are some new work tools…

App's management for restaurants:

The Zip Clock App, HR controls Restaurant

The Zip Clock ayuda a medir, create and manage work schedules employee. Make a list on a weekly basis it involves time and effort and squaring schedules can be a headache, so you have to ensure that shifts are respected and labor regulations.

The application helps us to perform these tasks and its advantages do not end here. Once you published this schedule, employees can start changing shifts directly with peers and this change being recorded.

With The Zip Clock It can: see the programming status of all employees, control the timing and schedules of workers, replacement and facilitates contact between partners to make changes, measure and maximize employee productivity and collect and end times of payrolls. The Zip Clock It's like having an assistant at your side Y, the best of all, It is that you can download for free.

DeluxRest, an app for the restaurant

DeluxRest It is an application available for iOs and Android fully customizable. taking reservations, submit offers, display the menu or a la carte, teaching facilities and location are some of the options the restaurant owner can customize. Has push notifications, an advantage to be aware of customer requests. In this way, with one click you will be connected with customers. Do not let them go hungry!.

further, a restaurant can use this tool to allow customers to order home. The application has section 'chef's recommendation’, where they can be add menus, photos and videos food and drink and get an edge over your competition.

An unforgettable evening begins with the choice of restaurant, With this application you can make it easy for your customers, as You can book directly at your restaurant. further, can send customers a notice about something new on the menu or drinks list, like if you have a new promotion or news.

Compeat, economic and financial management Restaurant

It is a management software that allows you to take overall control of the restaurant, With it you can access a complete financial analysis of profit and loss, sales, shopping, among other things. further, It is restaurant management system It includes a complete inventory tracking, management accounting and labor management. Compeat integrates with various POS systems restaurant so that you can have a complete view of the financial status of a restaurant.

Crunch Time, big data for decision-making in restaurants

is software converts data into actionable information for decision-making at the restaurant and I can help you save money by comparing actual food costs with optimal costs of each item. It allows real-time tracking of all inventory items. It has a series of dashboards that enables the hotelier detected by alerts, deviations of actual forecasts.

NoWait, It ends with the queues at the restaurant

Allows management of waiting lists in restaurants. Customers add to the list a restaurant and receive a text message when their table is ready, can evaluate their experience at the end of the meal. The main objective of this application is manage and optimize the peaks and valleys of diners that a restaurant depending on the time and day of the week faces.

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