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5 good practices to promote a restaurant on Instagram


One aspect that has aroused more interest in social networks is their ability to promote business. In the world of gastronomy and restaurants, one of the most successful is Instagram, the social network of photography in which every day eighty million snapshots are turning, of which a large percentage are screenshots of food.

Being in Instagram is an opportunity for restaurants. On its fifth anniversary, this popular platform already has more than four million users that can come in a direct way through pictures of our dishes.

Use strategies are diverse and results ranging from success to failure, through absolute indifference among the potential audience. Katrina Padron, president and founder of Padron Social Marketing, proposes five practices for the proper use of business promotion in Instagram lead us to get the likes our fans to become customers hooked to our brand.

1.- Share quality images

The first requirement for a good restaurant is promoting a shooting quality. according to Padron, "This is the difference between Instagram accounts that do really well and not". An image in high definition gives a clear touch of professionalism, something that can make a difference in capturing followers. We all know taking pictures with a mobile phone but if we give a look of seriousness and job well done, we cherish the quality of the images that we share.

2.- Be consistent

Perform, at least, a post every day is essential for good promotion of our restaurant. Instead, we should not saturate the public with several images each time you connect to Instagram. If we have trouble spending time with our own, Padron recommended applications Latergram to schedule our weeklies. It is also important to know the auspicious hour to upload a photo, depending on the connections of our followers. Slots with more entries in the platform are first thing in the morning and in the evening, but we must match our posts the time when there is a greater number of active followers.

3.- Eye filters

Another tool to enhance images are filters. Instagram has a wide range of filters, to which must be added those that offer some image editing applications such as VSCOcam, Aviary O Instasize, among other. According to various studies, Ludwig and Amaro are the effects succeed more about 'I like you' and comments but, in any case, you have to use those that work best with each catch. We should not abuse the blue, because it is a cool color that does not convey the same feeling as a packed bowl of red tones, much more palatable, as it may be pizza or tomato sauce.

4.- Doctors image composition

It is one of the keys to engage our audience and, for it, it is advisable to follow the rules of professional photography, as the "three thirds rule”. We must frame the plate in the focus of the image and around everyday objects that accompany it will be placed, avoiding white backgrounds that will make our catch too artificial and unattractive. As for the framed image, the best for our dishes will be shot from above but that does not mean we can not try other angles. An angle from one side, a one perfil, even, the use of applications such as 3DAround, with which we can capture our plates in 3-D, are some of the options to introduce a new format in our chronology instagramera.

5.-Usa hashtags

Another resource that we can use is the use of labels or hashtags, but should be brief and concrete to make it easier to find among the tide of images that flood Instagram. We can also interact with other businesses in our area to those who do not compete directly, establishing conversations with customers of those businesses to let them know our.

These are just some guidelines to carry out effective promotion of a restaurant but there are still new avenues to explore, new ways to make themselves known and to position itself in the vast world of social networks. In the end, brand differentiation between million Instagram accounts or any other platform can only be achieved if the product is new and different competitors.

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  1. Pedro Zambrano on

    Thank you very much for the post, It is very complete.
    Very important in all content strategy, regardless of the channel they use is creativity that will print to publicize the message that has to be aligned with your gastronomic, and that creative process must be constantly evolving and we become “comodity” manager that bores community. As an additional point would add from creating a profile with a pimped bio, enter that stands out (together with the content as you explain) on the other profiles. regards!

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello John!
      Thank you for letting us your comment. Words like yours give us all the strength we need to keep working every day in this wonderful world we've created around the contents Restaurant, technology, hostelry, trends… If we receive samples above support like yours for work done… What more can we ask?
      Juan greetings!

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