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5 keys to digital marketing for restaurants in the 2021


2020 It has been a difficult year for him of the restaurants sector,. It has also been a busy period in which there have been many changes in the sector. The crisis of the coronavirus society has changed, and businesses adapt to the new needs of these consumers.

2021 will represent a slow recovery interval. Before everything returns to normal, that right will have to be earned. The hospitality sector knows that it cannot face this year in the same way that it entered 2020. The rules of the game and the model have changed.

R Creative, a digital marketing company based in the city of Atlanta (Georgia, OF. UU.) and heir to the renowned Rystedt Creative agency, puts on the table what will be the five most important aspects of marketing in the networks during the next months.

1.- Digitization of all communication channels

Every restaurant is different. We cannot compare the large operations of the leaders in the fast food segment such as McDonald’s O Domino’s Pizza with the small family cafe in our neighborhood.

For medium-sized restaurants, those who run a very successful establishment or several modest establishments, the methods of digitization The most recommended are chatbots O virtual assistants and the creation of a brand image augmented by artificial intelligence.

The roadmap is clear, all businesses are moving towards greater virtualization of the services they offer. Of course, These emerging needs must be addressed after ensuring that the basic interfaces of the restaurant (web and app mobile) work correctly and have high usability.

2.- Personalized interactions

As progress is made in the digital transformation restaurants, a certain identity is gradually lost. It is necessary to find ways of recovering that brand image even when using purely digital communication channels.

For this, it is necessary to agree a same approach in all communication channels with the client. This causes a certain familiarity with the distinctive elements of the brand and helps to provide a more personal service via digital.. It is important to stay in tune even when a bot is in charge of serving people.

3.- Optimization for mobile devices

The crisis of the coronavirus has provoked, as expected, an increase in the time of use of mobile devices. in EE. THE. the average time that an adult spends in front of his cell phone screen is over four hours a day. In Spain it is not very different. And the same happens in other Latin American countries.

Thus, ensure that the communication interface with the client is correctly optimized for mobile operating systems (iOS, Android y Harmony OS) is of crucial importance. Minor inefficiencies in this field can lead to serious losses in digital business volume.

Bad optimization is not only problematic for the potential consumer, it is penalized by search engines, damaging the SEO of our digital marketing efforts.

4.- Cross-platform ecommerce opportunities

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube… A large number of social networks and search repositories are implementing domestic markets through its portals.

Offering the user a tempting button to buy with, these pages are experiencing an economic resurgence like never before thanks to the sales they generate. Any post can simply be turned into a sales funnel for a restaurant. Plus, this business alternative is affordable for establishments of any size.

Especially interesting is the integration with navigation products equipped with geolocation, how can it be Google Maps. Since 2019, This application offers restaurants the possibility of promoting their premises to drivers who pass by..

There are a thousand and one ways to capitalize on this trend. Older, it is foreseeable that more and more social networks will join this productive trend. Some that could integrate these internal markets in the future could be Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp and the like.

5.- Changes and evolution of social networks

Facebook was the social network of choice for youth in 2010. Ten years later it is considered the digital meeting place for our parents and grandparents.

You have to be an observer when deciding which platform best suits your restaurant according to the target audience of the business. Not all social networks are the same, nor do they remain unchanged over time.

It is therefore mandatory to monitor the different candidate websites to get the most out of these portals. This is especially important now since in 2020 the contraction in the number of Facebook users (a business provider for many restaurants) is more palpable.

The time to reorganize digital marketing strategies is now.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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