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5 Social Media keys for restauranting 2013


Restaurantes y redes sociales

Year 2013 It is exciting when it comes to the use that many restaurants are already doing the SMRestauranting, pasando de un concepto novedoso a un concepto útil e imprescindible en el funcionamiento de cualquier restaurante actual.

I will not deny that 2012 It has been another tough year for the sector, where consumption data, number of customers and spending per guest have not been good, but thanks to the constant effort, creativity and the almost universal reinvention of the sector, It has managed to successfully overcome.

In my opinion the 5 primary keys within the SMRestauranting I would highlight above others for this year 2013 They are the following:

1.- The importance of visual content:

It is proving that both videos and photographs are the shared resources that are giving better results in social media.

Increased content by restaurants video platforms like YouTube O Vimeo it will be essential to achieve visibility and differentiation within the sector.

Along with this growth and consolidation of new social networks based on photography as in the case of Instagram O Pinterest, without forgetting the many images that are shared on the two main social platforms, Twitter Y Facebook.

2.-Twitter as a communication platform key:

Twitter It is to become the best global communication channel for a restaurant. Unlike Facebook, which only allows communication with your fans, twitter es universal, allowing the restaurant to get one of the keys to success SMRestauranting, humanize the restaurant by something as simple as direct communication between people and thereby achieve a value in information for both the customer and the restaurant.

3.- The mobile web is no future is the best present:

In the year 2012 the number of phones that have been sold already exceeds the number of PC's, but if we transfer this to the restaurant industry is a figure that is blunt, the highest percentage growth in online restaurant reservations has occurred through mobile and I am sure that this increase will be even greater in the 2013.

One of the key trends associated with mobile technology that will decisively influence the usefulness for restaurants is the concept SOLOMO, understood as the union of social, with the local and the moving, considering that a very high percentage of customers who go to a restaurant they do for social recommendations and closeness.

4.- Online reputation as a differentiator and critical to the customer:

Do not confuse the online reputation of having two or three comments in an opinion portal or restaurant reservations.

The key is that the online reputation starts with the continuous pursuit of excellence in the restaurant itself, in the traditional business, and he moved to social networks in the form of a stream of general opinion could influence the final decision to purchase a user and dilute the influence of price.

Those restaurants that are capable of caring, promote and manage their online reputation will play a key competitive value.

5.- The final integration of the offline with online:

An increasing percentage of existing customers are demanding a global experience, beyond the gastronomic, and in many cases this experience does not begin and end in the restaurant itself, if not in social networks.

The challenge facing many restaurants is to get a real integration that will require changes in the culture of the company, but it will become a staple to secure the future of the restaurant.


What is your opinion about the new challenges facing the SMRestauranting in 2013?


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