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5 key management personnel to achieve success with your restaurant 2018


The departure of staff is the biggest cost in most restaurants. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have a very narrow view of its workforce and do not work in this field to increase productivity of an item of expenditure so high. It is difficult to find establishments that work with care management people, but when we find, it shows the league.

Y, just for this reason, I plan to write this article to give some tips to improve the performance of our staff, which will result in our business more profitable next 2018:

Keys to our restaurant more profitable in 2018

1.- Ask for references and check social networks

The social network, in general, is a resource increasingly using recruiters. And it is because the candidates leave many fingerprints can be checked to know more reliably. From the point of view of candidates, It must take into account the concept of personal brand, that is to say, the actions taken in digital environments to show professionally, thereby improving their employability and undoubtedly ability to be hired.

As professionals in any field, we must think very seriously what things climb or published In Internet. We should note that the trail, even digital, It is indelible; and will always remain visible by third parties. And if we want to make a more professional selection, we have a social network called LinkedIn which is widely used by candidates and recruiters.

as a note, in the Anglo-Saxon world they are used much the references, something that in Spain usually do not, and very interesting information about candidatos.¡Aprovechemos get the best of all options!

2.- Recruitment, selection and recruitment

Hospitality, by tradition or because it has always done so, for when hiring a brief interview is conducted and, if it fits or there is great urgency, You start working; "You throw them out the bull" is said so castiza .... This usually translates into high rates of staff turnover, where nobody wins, neither contracting nor hired.

It is therefore necessary to systematize and professionalize this work. You must correctly identify the different profiles we need, perform processes uptake, selection and incorporation in an orderly and clear way for future worker, formal that professional feel integrated from the start so you can offer, in a short space of time, expected productivity.

3.- Motivation and performance improvement

As he commented above, human resources have a paramount importance in costs Y, thus, They are a fundamental part of the business of restoration, so that it is essential to have a motivated workforce and aligned with business objectives. We face a new generation of professionals, the millennials, that must be satisfied professionally. These profiles have a temporary nature, and although the motivation is difficult, we draw thanks to a good landing plan, in which professional duties and obligations are clear.

In this sense, it would be feasible to introduce the concept of variable remuneration according to objective. And if we include concepts of gamification and continuing training, we will become an attractive brand from the point of view of employment, increasing the sense of belonging of our team and managing to keep talent at home.

4.- Training at all levels of the company

The economy is in a deep, constantly and rapidly changing, where restoration is no stranger. All these changes require us to react in highly competitive environments, so the continuous training, as we offer in Gastrouni with the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero, It is the tool that allows us to be updated and gives us the ability to obtain the appropriate response to these scenarios as changing. Training at all levels is key to not fall behind and be increasingly competitive.

5.- Total involvement

as a tip, we must hear the views of team members, This can be very enriching for any business. Is an exercise in humility that entrepreneurs and managers should do more often. Are the workers who are face to face with the problems and needs of customers, and not have them, interdisciplinary teams carrying out quality improvement or process, It is a grave error.

In addition to the great ideas we get from these systems, we give you a impressive dose of motivation to our organization. We all like to contribute what we know and that our opinion is taken into account. And remember, Thank the good businessman reprimands publicly and privately.

The new entrepreneur, the twenty-first century, You need to form teams of versatile professionals who can perform different tasks throughout their workday, especially when we talk about small teams. But seeing the panorama of Spanish hospitality, each professional should develop the maximum possible skills, with which to strike a balance, and then go specializing in specific aspects. A job that will bring long-term benefits over both the short and, I am convinced.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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