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5 keys to control the costs of your dishes


Control costs in a catering business It is vital to make ends meet and meet the objectives previously marked.

Expenses such as raw materials or staff become a lottery over and over again because they have not regularized those processes that help build a profitable and solvent hospitality.

Thus, today we will talk about raw material costs for the gastronomy and teach you how to make a perfect sounding and technical data.

First of all, we should know What is a escandallo, Chinese word that sounds like many restaurateurs.

He escandallo is a basic tool what It helps determine the cost of the product and turn, correct pricing sale, taking into account staff, and fixed and variable expenses.

Learn to control your food costs

We analyze each point to understand how we calculate the costs of raw materials with which we will design our cuisine ...

1.- Creation of the plate

After defining our cuisine, we go into the creation of the dish. The world-famous Spanish chef Ferran Adrià says in his guide for restorers Mise en Place what to create the offer, You can be based on 4 points:

  1. A replica of dishes from top chefs
  2. An aftershock with a twist, the famed dish give your personal twist
  3. creation, a new dish of your own authorship
  4. A very high creation taken to point forefront.

From these points, We will schedule a plate adapted to our target as always We will think as a client to make any creation.

2.- Search of suppliers

A fundamental part, because once devised the plate and prepared for trial and error, proceed to search provider Y the product you want to use taking into account the quality and above all, the best possible price.

3.- Elaboration of escandallo

And having prices from suppliers, we will quantify the exact cost of our dishes. To do this we will make a list of the ingredients of each recipe, product price and net weight or weight of the previous article dirty to clean. Adding all costs, We give you the total cost in euros (or currency used raw material) Unit of each dish.

4.- Pricing

Knowing in detail the raw material costs, which should be around a 25% for food and 40% for drinking, proceed to pricing retail.

5.- Performing sheet

So important is the escandallo as The datasheet as It will be a fundamental tool for the kitchen equipment you must follow the verbatim. It will reflect the ingredients, the preparation and recipe with step by step and so, to keep the cost of raw materials fixed to the escandallo.

These are some of the fundamental and essential points before opening the restaurant to be a bellwether for the hotel and catering industry with benefits that will revolve around a 15% before tax and amortization.

About the Author

Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Management expert Food and Beverages in the hospitality industry, advises numerous brands of the food industry and restaurants in the development of cards, wines, distillates and cost control. Balanzino Manu is the founder and director of the digital newspaper, The Gourmet Journal, a referential publication of the culinary field. further, He is editor in magazines specializing in food and wine both nationally and internationally.


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