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5 keys to choose the best provider for a restaurant


Suppliers are a fundamental piece to the structure of a restaurant. Finding a supplier It is no easy task and is determined by several points, but the most important are; quality and service.

Even can be a headache as, If you do not deliver the goods on the day stipulated, will have to resort to other alternatives that will hinder everyday, or worse, involve an alteration in our raw material cost or breakage of the homogeneity of the plate.

The cook is always a loyal ally supplier, although it is probably the worst enemy of the entrepreneur.

Keys to seek a competitive and efficient supplier to a restaurant

1.- Commitment to quality

If you brindas quality in your restaurant, customers will be satisfied and return to your establishment. Definitely, quality is more expensive to get a mediocre product or a lower qualities. So always opt for seasonal foods or arrived from other areas that are in full swing. And remember, Worse pay dearly for a dish that is not good or low quality for an excellent and expensive dish, diner feeling is totally different.

2.- Get the best price

It is one of the key factors in a restaurant, because if we sell a menu at 10 €, our cost of raw material will have to roam between a 28% and a 30%, which results in an obligation to look for foods that suit that cost. And not have to be poor quality food, but seasonal products, which they tend to be cheaper. Here the key is the cook, you should know how to maximize products preparing dishes with garnish, in sauce, potajes, soups, creams, etc.

I recommend you to use a comparative table of suppliers to easily see what the prices are and so each, develop a rapid conclusion.

Anyway, brand meetings with suppliers to fix prices for the season to build easier your costs. There is an exception, and are the suppliers of fruits and vegetables, for example, prices vary each week so you have to evaluate who to buy for reduce costs and increase margins.

3.- Service fits your needs

In addition to the above, note the service, his days delivery, schedules, If distributes weekends in high season, etc. Although they are obvious, when a problem, the quick fix is ​​appreciated.

4.- Make sure it is effective and operative

It is key in a restaurant, and so is a supplier. Valora beyond price, his reaction to, because if you buy right and you have a startle have to resort to a nearby store and as the saying goes: "Lo barato sale caro".

Talk to your provider, he will advise you both product and price, that when you are buying your competitors-even confiding, new tendencies, innovative products to incorporate in your letter, etc. A wealth of information that you may need.

5.- Negotiate the best payment plan for both

Here is the accounting department who has to take care of payments, but you, As a buyer you have to know that according to the method of payment chosen, the prices may vary. The best is the cash to download or reset -a second discharge order, the first paid bill-, getting better discounts than a payment term.

This payment is more complicated than a transfer at the end of the month or the stipulated time, but guarantees you take a thorough check of your expenses.

Choose the best provider of food and beverage for your restaurant

Remember to focus only on the 20% your most consumed foods that result in 80% your expenses and While the letter define your restaurant to be attractive and functional.

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Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Management expert Food and Beverages in the hospitality industry, advises numerous brands of the food industry and restaurants in the development of cards, wines, distillates and cost control. Balanzino Manu is the founder and director of the digital newspaper, The Gourmet Journal, a referential publication of the culinary field. further, He is editor in magazines specializing in food and wine both nationally and internationally.


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