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5 keys to understanding the new social media marketing a restaurant


Internet has become the new market in the world, and social networks, platforms amass huge amounts of users serve as a vehicle to promote sales; that is to say, They are the perfect showcases of this market.

Thus, it is logical to understand the interest that these social networks arise between entrepreneurs, and more specifically, among those dedicated to the world of restoration.

This interest will certainly be even greater in the case of those who know that he 78 percent of all digital purchases made in the world are influenced, in one way or another by social networks: Known comments, Shared good reviews, pages that come to us through social cues, embedded advertisements on the platform, campaigns marketing social networking and a long list of options that will energize economic flow in these websites, and beyond.

It is abundantly clear that and you can not do without social networks, digital business presence in them is crucial for the brand image is not undermined by the emergence of other competitors advertising campaigns online more aggressive.

The question arises as: How can we take full advantage of social networks today? The following five points aim to clarify what are the best strategies to master these platforms today.

1.- reviews online They are most important

Gone are the days when a family has requested recommendations, friends and acquaintances about where to eat. Now all the information you seek is within reach of our hands, just type or articulate our question directly to our mobile terminal microphone; search engines like Google O Bing They are responsible for giving us the relevant data.

And what this data is? For surely it is the restaurant reviews that appear in digital business profiles, as well as reviews and aggregators are ElTenedor, Google MyBusiness, TripAdvisor O Yelp.

It should encourage customers to leave reviews from our local, like many years ago he coined our director Diego Coquillat, must leave their “digital bribe”. Communicate with guests informing them of the importance of their views have for the establishment usually gives unexpectedly good results. Must also maintain management and control over the opinions that are deposited online, because otherwise some disgruntled customers might tiznar our reputation unceremoniously.

When detected negative reviews is a good idea to answer the same offering solutions. Professionalism is highly valued by potential customers they can read these exchanges of views on the future. In addition bonus courtesy in this space, most customers who take the time to leave a review about the restaurant expecting some sort of response from local representatives. And many potential customers read these responses to negative comments.

The more reviews, your business will have greater credibility. It is well known that in the market blackhat there are opportunities to buy fake reviews la carte, so the informed consumer is increasingly skeptical. On the other hand, Profile score does not have to be perfect, but stakeholders are more willing to visit your establishment when you have at least 3.5 Star Profile. In any case, as emanating from a recent statement by TripAdvisor, what matters is to have a volume of critical reviews on our account.

2.- Customers seeking immediate answers

With the emergence of chatbots graduates and there is no excuse for not responding to potential customers with maximum alacrity.

A high percentage of users of social networks expect an almost instant answer to their communications via chat. It is because of that Facebook and some other platforms are rewarding businesses that have a high response speed.

Through Facebook Messenger you can automatically answer the most frequently asked questions, and report that personal attention does not occur until a few hours because the staff is busy with the peak of affluence in the establishment at this time. The ability to customize automated communication tools is such that now you can change the settings to output a range of situations They are taking place during conversations with partners.

Good communication is the first step for our brand image has an exceptional reputation in social networks, a place where immediacy is everything.

3.- The new language of communication is the image

Although worth having presence online in all major social networks that make up this niche internet, the reality is that there are two giants that are priority.

First we Facebook, as it is well known, It is the largest social network on the planet and, although it is currently suffering from many problems, the reality is that it serves perfect point of sale and promotion services Restaurant. It is worth noting that among all social networks, Facebook is the one that has a higher average age, what usually brings about greater purchasing power.

The second giant is Instagram. According to analysts lot of digital media is destined to become the new market leader. In just five years he could have overtaken Instagram Facebook, who now leads the way with several hundreds of millions of additional users. This gives a clear idea of ​​the enormous growth of Instagram and potential to create trends which you have the network. further, Instagram is based predominantly on visual stimuli such that work wonderfully when what you want is to promote a cozy restaurant lounge or design dishes served at our establishment.

The new language of communication in social networks is the image, through photographs and videos, Restaurant communication today does not make the restaurant, the client makes sharing images through digital environments, mainly social networks.

As we have done on many other occasions, restaurateurs invite you to read us and have an interest in better position in social networks, harness the pull of Instagram to achieve a more powerful digital presence.

4.- Google seeks his piece of cake in social networks

It seems like a lie, but Google+ It was doomed to failure because of the success of own search platform. Right now we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the search: segments such as Google My Business, Google Posts, Google Q&A, invited to create their own Internet content, which it is then available for those who come after.

With the exception of Google My Business, a tool of enormous importance for positioning locally restaurant, All these initiatives are still very young so its true potential is still unknown. Few catering business that currently make full use of the new utilities, thus, this new social facet of Google can help restaurateurs who dare to squeeze emerging capabilities. How? Reaching more people and being present in the market as an authority on the subject.

5.- Organic traffic continued its descent into the abyss

Efforts to generate organic traffic; this is, motivated visits naturally without the intervention of business, It is shrinking. This is expected of a scenario in which the competition to seize a piece of the market is quite fierce.

To take full advantage of the new circumstances premium content contributions of our contribution is highly optimized and high value audience. Worth also offer regularly in publications so that interested parties can know exactly when new content will appear.

As a general rule, make use of the new tools that social networks released a new version usually comes hand in hand with some silent bonus. Who are encouraged to try new products can have award.

With these tips, social networks do not entail any mystery to this new approach to digital marketing. Put these tips and extraed all the benefits to social networks this year.

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