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5 keys to understanding the evolution of the hospitality sector in recent years


No need to be a guru to know that the sector of hotels and restaurants Spain is in one of the most valued. Very sacrificed, yes, but also the most rewarding. After recent years of economic crisis and decline in consumption, the Spanish hospitality offers quiet for recovery, and launches again its commitment to innovation.

By the end of 2015 we sensed that many 2016 It would be a great year for the catering sector, and not mistaken. The latest data confirm the positive things that have been recent months, in which the hotel has consolidated its recovery with growth 2%, more than 47.000 new jobs created last year, according to data provided by Restoration brands.

A year in which there has also been time for consolidate many of the trends They coming and going strong for some time. And is that a sector recovery not only it can be seen in its growth, but also in its capacity for reinvention.

Yes, renewed or die. Recent years have been challenging for the hospitality industry, but also a great opportunity for the settlement of the phenomenon of digitization in the sector. If not, here a sample of some of the trends associated with new technologies that have been gaining more weight. Take note, If your restaurant has not yet joined any of them, maybe 2017 it's time to jump on the bandwagon!

Digital Trends for restaurants 2017

  1. ¡Reservemos on-line!

If there is anything that the development of technology and smartphones They have resulted in the world of restaurants that are reservas on-line. Eltenedor.es, Pidemesa, Restaurantes.com the Atrapalo.com, They are just a sample of the number of new platforms, taking advantage of the digital revolution in the sector, They were born to improve reservation system customers a restaurant.

More and more consumers who opt for this convenient alternative where with one click you have the option of taking table in the restaurant you want, the type or specialty you fancy, and the site that is. And not only that, many of them have Apps that streamline the process even further, and also they offer all kinds of discounts and promotions.

  1. Tablets, Maybe you have yet?

It is the new 'musthave' all restaurant. The incorporating tablets in organizing a catering business It has become an increasingly widespread tendency in our country. And no wonder, well there are few benefits obtained from the use of these.

From improving the registration of food orders (thus increasing the turnover of the establishment), to optimizing the organization of team of waiters, or strengthening communication between different areas of the restaurant. These keys have just transmitted to the consumer, who chooses to return or not to repeat certain dining experiences in terms of management who has received them.

  1. The payments, simplified ¡!

This trend has also opened gap in recent years. And every time there are more bars and restaurants that accept payment with mobile, which not only streamlines processes collection, but also It offers great advantages for establishments: security; relevant information about customers and their behavior patterns; differentiation from the competition and even ability to increase sales through loyalty programs and rewards.

  1. Delivery, the new consumer's best friend

Surely you've heard of JustEat, Deliveroo, Rest in, And till Glovo O UberEats. Yes, hospitality adapts to changing times, and also the consumer who wants to enjoy their favorite restaurant without leaving home.

The delivery has become another key representing the new direction that the hospitality industry is heading today, Y more and more restaurants and restaurant chains that choose to facilitate consumer customers with this alternative. It has been the key phenomenon of digitization, because the client has changed his habit of ordering food by phone, to make it through platforms, apps and websites that not only offer a wide variety of cuisine, but also the ability to share and evaluate their experience. And here is the fifth key!

  1. The customer writes!

As we mentioned above lines, Internet has become a great ally of the consumer, and not only to make reservations, or manage your orders. and also, especially, to talk!

As Diego Coquillat points: "Thanks to technology the customer of a restaurant is customer long before entering the restaurant and remains customer when it comes". TripAdvisor platforms like, Foursquare, Fork or Google Places guard the reputation of the restaurants, Y daily receive thousands of reviews and feedback from consumers. A new channel thus opens between hospitality businesses and customers, with which the former have the opportunity to improve thanks to the cooperation and active participation of the latter.

Definitely, the Spanish hotel industry getting back to work in their process of development and growth, adapting to new rhythms and habits of current consumption, and offering new alternatives linked to increasingly seated, phenomenon of digitization of the sector.

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