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5 key to reducing no-shows your restaurant


In the world of restaurants are few obstacles that must be faced every day to build a business. Tell that the owners and managers of bars and restaurants, which also deal with licensing and inspections, providers, invoices and packing slips, recruitment, etc., They must face every day to failed reservations, what is known as no-show: reservations never appear.

A practice that affects various sectors, and that while the restoration at the moment only represents a 37% of total reserves, reaches directly affect the daily activity of restaurants.

It is true that no-shows do not influence the same in all businesses, since it will depend, Inter alia, the usual volume of work each restaurant, demand or price have your letter. Nevertheless, these 'hung tables' can pose significant losses in the monthly billing.

Food waste more perishable character, the image of disorganization or disrepute, the offense to other customers ... are just some of the many consequences of non-shows. And the reality is that, fruit of the hectic pace of life today, and sociocultural circumstances around us, this practice is increasingly common.

reduces no-shows your business

Y, How can we cope with it? What are some ways you can combat these failures and your restaurant reservations, in consecuense, improve the organization and billing for your business? Here we give five key with which you can reduce no-shows and further optimize the rotation of tables in your establishment:

  1. Promotes confirmation

Yes, perhaps it is the most obvious, but also the most important keys. A study by the holder of last July, a 32% consumer confesses not to have come to a reservation made at a restaurant. One thing that should begin to address as soon as possible.

Promote confirmation of reservations is one of the most feasible ways in order to reduce no-shows. Through calls, SMS, the reminders via e-mail, the customer can confirm your reservation or modify it, so you can get ahead and reorganize the agenda, making the most of the tables of your local.

  1. Facilitates the process of cancellation

The easier you put customer, collaborate more with you. Provide a form of cancellation or rebooking can be a good option that facilitate the cancellation process, thus preventing this from becoming a new no-show.

Whether at the time of booking, or confirmation stage we talked in the preceding paragraph, through the website or social network, SMS an email automatico, the consumer may reject the reserve until certain time before this, thus avoiding negative consequences for your restaurant and your other customers.

  1. If you have to get serious ...

…We get! Some signature restaurants are already reacting to the practice of no-shows with tougher policies.

Further define periods cancellation, ask for credit card and charge a percentage as 'signal', and even a menu of the card without the customer is present finally, are some of the trends treading growing stronger. These are already carried out for years in the hotel industry, and it seems that They are increasingly catering establishments that are incorporating as measures to deal with the lost tables.

  1. Premia, but also penalizes

Eye! This is not to punish the client. Far from it, This is to thank those who work and report cancellation, for future new bookings made in your restaurant. In the end, Customer loyalty is one of the major objectives of any hospitality business.

However, It is important that, based on the recognition that makes them who look for your team and establishment, they also tap attention to those who do not. At least let them know that in the next reserves have priority clients who cancel their bookings in advance. It is fair, ¿no? In many establishments, in fact, there are known "blacklists", a way to keep track of those customers who have booked and never came.

  1. Awareness!

Especially AWARENESS! Yes, as we mentioned above lines, sometimes new life forms require the customer to have to cancel your initial plan, but that does not excuse to do so as not to harm others. Or at least, hurting as little as possible.

It is important that consumers know to see that go to a restaurant involves more than eating and drinking away from home. It is a socio-cultural culinary experience work involved, effort and organization by many people.

Perhaps in this aspect it is important to make consumers see that, Contrary to what is often generalizes, the client is not always right or, at least not in this topic. How? raising awareness of the number of processes taking part in the hospitality sector, how nice it is to enjoy it, and how important it is to keep working every day, among all, to make it a sustainable profession.

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