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5 tips for creating summer menus in restaurants


Summer menus arise in a season where the vast majority of people embark on their trips to see different cities and unwind after some intense work days. Instead, the hotel is prepared for a time with much influx of public.

This diversity in local clientele, domestic or foreign forces us to rethink the menu items, with the objective of conquer the most diverse palates.

Definitely, Customers who come every year, They seek traditional dishes, which may in some cases be strong, but with deep roots in the area. This is one of the details that the chef or manager of the cuisine has to value, but there are also other tips that we detail in the following five points.

Adapta la carte restaurant of your summer

1.- It includes seasonal food

I get tired of not repeating this term: temporality. Why we must take into account when defining our menu or menu optimal station products, because there are some who are at their best, and the price is much lower than the rest of the year. A clear example, are sardines, bars consumed in the South by the technique of espeto, that is to say, roasted in the heat of olive leñas.

further, due to the greater knowledge of gastronomy currently in the average citizen, What we have helped a lot of TV shows like Master Chef Top Chef, These known and seek food of the moment.

2.- It offers simple dishes, success is assured

Surely more than once you've dined at a restaurant and the dish was not to your liking because mixtures of flavors made it virtually impossible to discover the main product. Because, remember that simplicity is often better than complicated. If not, they say trends this year, showing a clear backtracking, traditional stews and slow development.

3.- Prepares tasting menus adapted to the climate

In addition to temporality, must take into account where lunch or dinner for the client adapted to the climate menus. If you are in the mountains, possibly dishes you can add more body to the night, but if you're on the beach, a stew at noon hardly be palatable to any customer.

You should think that at this time heat, eat less, since the portions should be smaller looking fresh citrus nuances, fruits, herbs or vegetables.

4.- Plays with pairings

Visiting a restaurant has become an experience and gastronomy occupies an important place in the preferences of tourists and travelers, who they value the support provided by room service staff. If we seek give a perfect feeling to the customer, we can suggest our best dishes and if foreign, traditional dishes that can transmit through taste, the essence of the place where is.

The pairings can be a good help. And there are many restaurants that suggest to change the line taken long ago by the inclusion of wine on the menu. Also try to include both the beginning cavas, as main dishes or dessert sweets. It's something different and was pleasantly surprised customer if you do it right.

5.- prepares desserts, Ice cream and sorbets

They are the finishing touch Menu one of the aspects that values ​​the customer a restaurant. So is the coffee, yes, hard to find a good cup. Usually the final moments of the meal and remember most diners.

A) Yes, Emphasize that they, chooses to prepare homemade desserts, few good and not an extensive wine which then end up buying everything ready to serve. It is better to have a somewhat extensive selection of ice creams and sorbets, along with some references cakes, mousse, semifríos,…

If you opt for the latter proposals, incorporates citrus fruits and seasonal so that the result is fresh and delicious.

Check out these tips when creating your summer menus

These tips will help you get a clearer idea about how to make the customer happy getting up from the chair and repeat soon or the next holiday season. No doubt it will be a test of improvement.

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