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5 tips to boost sales in your restaurant


Deal the new normal and adapting your business to current needs is key to identifying new opportunities and boosting your restaurant's sales. Waitry, the online ordering platform, and technological and strategic partner of more than 1200 restaurants share these 5 advice based on your experience:

1.- Comprehensive order management

After the pandemic there was a massive adoption of the delivery Y take away in all kinds of restaurants; Nevertheless, Complications also increased due to the lack of organized management of incoming orders.

To ensure the success of the sale and that that client chooses us again, it is important to solve your order optimally. Track and track the order to know when it is ready and that there are no errors in the command are the most valued aspects. From the new take away plus mode, it is also relevant to deliver the order in compliance with the safety and hygiene protocol; in that way, the client will feel safe and it will be easier to retain them.

2.- Online waiting list

Although in most places the restaurants remain open because they are not affected by more restrictive measures, many users continue to choose the take away mode, but how can the user know when their order will be ready? Waitry allows you to integrate the orders to the platform and generate an online waiting list, that is to say, the customer receives a notification informing him that he can enter the restaurant to pick up his order. Thus, we avoid the agglomeration of people in the premises, respecting social distance and informing the client in real time.

3.- Digital letter

The digitization came to stay. Faced with the new protocols, customers prefer to avoid contact with unnecessary elements, but they always have their phone at hand that allows them to view the restaurant's menu or digital menu.

In one simple step, after scanning the QR code they will be able to access the letter, place the order, it is included pay the account without generating contact with the cash.

4.- Loyalty plans

In the face of so much competition, it is key to differentiate yourself from the rest. Adopt and implement some loyalty action it will make our customers prefer us over other places with which we compete for that place of preference that we occupy in the lives of regular consumers.

Create promotions like discounts, private gifts or coupons, are some ideas to differentiate yourself. platforms like Waitry, allow you to generate personalized promotions or discounts, that is, on those products or dishes that the customer usually consumes, in addition to disseminating and publishing the generic promotions of each location in the app so that they gain visibility. Promotions can be shared on social media and even incorporate your own QR code.

Create a loyalty plan through a points accumulation system, that customers can redeem on site for discounts or gifts, it's one more step to empathize with the audience of our restaurant.

5.- Outdoor table management

After the new openings or modalities that enable outdoor tables in some parts of the country, proper management is necessary of them so that the premises do not exceed its capacity and can offer the best service with the suggested protocols. To facilitate it, the restaurant must have a tool that shows it the availability of tables in real time, to avoid crowds in the premises or that diners know what availability the premises have in advance.

Nowadays, the technology is an ally to increase sales and improve the service we provide to customers, being able to obtain better results. Waitry offers the possibility of meeting our consumers, and it is the only company that allows integrating the premises' internal management platforms with the application to optimize the processes and services provided.

Solutions as complete as the one offered by Waitry, have become essential tools in dealing with the new normal, and are being incorporated into restaurant management, as they facilitate compliance with the new security and prevention protocols caused by the pandemic.

About the Author

Entrepreneur since 16 years in the software industry, Lean Startup Method Consultant, Growth Hacking techniques, unconventional sales and marketing strategy, Waitry founder, speaker at industry and entrepreneurship conventions, and in acceleration programs in Argentina and Europe.


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