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5 Tips not be the 1.000 calories by ordering in a restaurant


Dieting or just take care when eating out feed and seem completely incompatible concepts sometimes. Both in bars and restaurants, are often too tempting dishes and loaded with calories who you spoil our efforts to eat well.

Occasionally sin is not something negative, even more and more nutritionists recommend pamper yourself at the table once a week. The problem occurs when we are forced to eat out every day. There are many Spaniards for work, They have to eat in bars and restaurants every day. One in six has to perform, at least, a meal away from home, as shown by recent studies.

What we eat away from home?

Fritos, gratinados, pasta, sandwiches and burgers are just some of the dishes you can find in any bar in which we go at noon. Many restaurants, in their quest for the highest possible return, have in common in their rations the large amount of calories they contain, besides having a significant percentage of fat.

And it is that the Spanish are people of bars. according to Nielsen, front of the restaurant we prefer the bars with their portions and set menus. The latter are also often a major excesses we commit. Normally, We choose them to be fairly inexpensive, but the options we get are not always the healthiest.

A first incoming or fried pasta can provide, perfectly, more of 500 calories. Behind it is still the main course and dessert, what It is also added the bread and drink we take. In this way, he today's menu, if we do not choose it properly, You can become the worst ally in our diet.

For all these reasons and above if we want to maintain a healthy diet, it is essential to stop and think a bit before deciding what we will ask for in a restaurant. Following a few tips we avoid taking in more calories than we need.

Five tips to not exceed the 1.000 calories when you are eating out

1.- Know the place where we go

Before going into the first bar we find, It would be better idea know the bars and restaurants we have come to the area where we eat. If we know that we have about the establishments and the type of food they serve, we can avoid the temptation to go to where we are more likely to ask for something that does not benefit us.

Thai restaurants, Japanese or vegetarian can be a good alternative to fried and breaded in the bar. Know the letter of the place which we will also help us find healthy food more easily.

2.- More water and less alcohol

Order a glass of wine or a couple of beers while eating is nothing out of the ordinary. But this habit can be a significant increase in calories in our food when we repeat every day. Order a beer in a bar is such a habitual gesture that is almost automatic, Besides the menus is usually including a drink.

But we must be clear that Water is always the best option against drinks with alcohol or soft drinks. Not only we will help take care of our weight, but also to purify our bodies and perform at an optimal state to continue our work in the afternoon, or what we have to do.

3.- Focus on the first course

If we want to eat healthy away from home, stop and think before asking it is essential. let us not be carried away by the dishes that tempts the letter and choose the healthiest options We will guarantee us not to go with what we eat, and to continue with the convenience of eating out for longer.

Entrees and dessert are often responsible for that do not respect our diet in restaurants. A) Yes, Ideally, so only focus on the first plate and prevent this is too heavy.

A salad, a vegetable soup or grilled vegetables are very healthy choices. Share starters with other diners It is also a way of limiting what we eat. With regard to dessert, fruit or unsweetened dairy products are the most suitable alternative.

4.- Beware bread

Whenever we ask for something to eat in a bar or restaurant it is usual that put us a basket some bread to accompany our food. We are hungry, because we have to hurry back to work and custom it is to take a piece of bread to whet your time. Eye!

It's good a set of limits when eating bread, it is a dish that we added to the table with an important caloric intake. Give it up completely or take a very small portion would be best suited.

5.- Avoid fried, gratins and breaded

The type of dish you choose is, definitely, essential. avoid fried, breaded, gratins and ingredients with too much fat will reduce the calories you eat. Better opt for meat and fish cooked grilled or baked; even, if they are to our liking, raw foods are a great choice and are increasingly present in the letter both bars and restaurants.

Avoiding the temptations achieve not exceed the recommended calories

A good choice, especially for the time we have to choose the restaurant we go, is help of social networks. Thanks to the geolocation and Internet search engines, we readily accessible through our smartphone, a wide range of establishments and references therein.

Take advantage of this situation to choose the right restaurant, and recalls the 5 useful tips that we have given to lead healthy diet if you have to eat several times a week in a bar or restaurant.

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