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5 things that restaurant chains do not want to do in your business


A few days ago I read a study National Restaurant Association (US), from which a fact that particularly caught my attention was quarried: 9 each 10 People who run a restaurant has no training in hospitality management business. If there is constipated, Here is pneumonia.

When I talk to managers and entrepreneurs, sometimes they are filled the mouth talking about how hard it is to find well-trained employees, when they are the ones who do not have any training and if they have, It is not business management.

And starting with ourselves ... During the years I worked in organized restoration, where if you invest much in training their managers, I learned many techniques and actions on individual restoration conspicuous by their absence. So I leave 5 Actions, free and paid, so you learn to do your job better:

  1. sets goals

In my 35 Years of experience have never been in trouble any entrepreneur who had a focus on achieving its short, medium and long term, that is to say, I had a strategic plan.

According to a study Dominican University of California, people who define their objectives have 20% more likely to succeed than people who do not have defined. For example, we can, during the first months, sit down analyze our operating account with an external consultant to help us plan the economic future of our company 6 O 12 months away and from there we be able to independently manage the business.

  1. Get real-time information and

Any owner of a restaurant should be informed of what the latest technology in TPV, a hotelier assistance system which usually includes all necessary tools to manage a business, facilitating the control task, management and reporting.

It is an important investment we should study well, as it depends on many other factors. Even so, we need to look a little further and understand the data and reports that these systems offer us, so we must first have a knowledge base on inventories, shift maps, menu engineering, etc. What is not measured can not be improved, but beware, because it is very easy to suffer paralysis by analysis.

  1. Handles complaints, They are gifts

Do we know what are the most common complaints from your customers are? Do we have a procedure to manage them? It is essential to know how to act to possible complaints that may suffer from a customer who asks for explanations, On numerous occasions, de formar exaltada…

As is the case in the digital world, First of all it is listen to them and serve them the best way since we are receiving feedback, positive in the, You can help us improve some aspect with the busy life we ​​had not identified. after that, we would appreciate your comments, we will ask apologies by the alleged error committed, We do the appropriate research and compensate the customer if we consider it justified.

A procedure that we have implemented in our daily work routine and if in writing, much better for all people who are part of our team. Remember: a well managed complaint to our customer loyalty angry. As users we can understand that mistakes, what we do not tolerate is that we can not attend and properly solve the problem.

  1. To be up to date

Be aware of what is happening in industry and sector is essential for any manager and / or owner of a restaurant, since it is easy to get into the routine, not see past and let go opportunities or ideas we could implement in our business.

We can, Besides, encourage our team to participate and grow sources of information and publications (blogs, journals, forums, etc.) to read timeouts that always seems to be between shifts and Small meetings 10 minutes to launch ideas and try new things. In this case, I recommend you 3 I read webs usually: the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat, he Eva blog Ballarin and web Gastroeconomy.

  1. Improve our training

And I finish talking about it with what I started: the formation. The only aspect, as entrepreneurs, we can control the 100% for the benefit of our restaurant and our personal future. The formation, on all scales of business, It is essential to achieve success.

Without the training we offer from Gastrouni with the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and the rest of the world online version, it would be impossible to know how we can improve our numbers and our profitability, How can we motivate our employees to increase the average ticket, how we can optimize our purchases, How can we save more and spend less… definitely, how to achieve business success and go from having a restaurant to be an entrepreneur.

If only they had been these studies when I finished the race and I entered the business operation restoration!

The hospitality business management is a job that requires a lot of dedication, Like any kind of profile related to the sector, evidently, but the satisfaction reporting is hardly achievable for another job in a different sector. I hope that, Sooner than later, in Spain we can reverse the statistic which opened Article, It will be very good news for the future of our country.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



  1. Totalmente de acuerdo con el artículo. Muchas personas han querido reinventarse montándose un negocio de hostelería,pensando que es pan comido porque solo es servir Coca-Colas. Hemos podido ver estos casos en programas de televisión donde propietarios sin experiencia en el sector se han visto desbordados por la compleja gestión que requiere esta profesión y solo los que hemos trabajado en ella sabemos el esfuerzo que supone.
    a greeting

    • Gracias Tamara por tu comentario, los que somos hosteleros sabemos que es un negocio muy complicado y donde la gestión profesional junto con la formación son claves para la sostenibilidad futura de la empresa.

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