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5 Examples of how innovation will change restaurants 2017


The restaurants are subject to the rules of the evolution of technology and society because consumers change at a dizzying pace and want these innovate to keep its wake. further, new developments in ICT and applications dedicated to the world of hospitality, have greatly facilitated the detecting needs that our customers want to see fulfilled.

The restaurants, Like any business, they have to adapt its existence to new trends that arise, always with the aim of offering excellent service.

Below we highlight some of those ideas that burst forth in the world of hotels and restaurants 2017. While we may be most known and have already proven that even experience, when will this year expand at a general level, and those businesses that the wave will not rise, they fall behind.

5 innovations should be implemented in your restaurant 2017

1.- Faster and easier payments

During 2016 we have seen on TV enough publicity about new forms of payment, and it is expected to This phenomenon does not stop growing in 2017. Finding new ways to make it easier payment has become an obsession, and of course, the restaurant industry is no exception.

In this context they have emerged Applications as Velocity, they want to speed up and facilitate payment of your bill so you can lose the minimum time possible. Velocity is a very simple app, where you just need to enter the time you reach the restaurant that is inscribed on it and will tell you if there is available table. In addition you can pay through the app credit card or credit Apple, You can even add a gratuity amount of your choice.

2.- Ability to order and pay for food in advance

Many restaurants have in common poor management of queues and waiting times. They are part of the experience that innovation will go deleting applications as Allsert. Another application more bookings? No, It goes far beyond.

Because it's not just that you allow site restaurant reservations, but also You can ask your food is ready at a certain time so you just have to come and take her. And pay? Of course, This application also allows you to make payment directly, without notes or credit cards.

The purpose of this app and others that have arisen after, It is to bring the customer the experience of going to a restaurant and enjoy your meal using the minimum amount of time for it.

Chain Starbucks He has taken in its application based utility of Allsert with which you can order and pay in advance what you want to take to simply pick it up when you get.

3.- The "restless mouth syndrome"

This has been a term heard in recent months, also is the only point on our list that is not directly related to technological advances in the restaurant industry.

And is that, as diners are getting used to a kind of experience, the restaurants, bars and chefs have to keep looking for that "step further" that allows them to stay afloat in the tough competition in its market. That buzz around new flavors, in many cases, ya almost indescribable, It is known as "restless mouth syndrome".

4.- Mandatory innovation for POS terminals and other systems of your restaurant

Although this is a step that some hoteliers are reluctant to give, seems definite that in 2017, tablets, digital POS terminals, wifi, the PCs, etc ... they are the future of the catering sector. It is true that all this innovation lacks human factor, Nevertheless, There are many businesses hospitality industry that can easily increase your profits by accepting one of these digital systems.

further, a system installed in their own tables of diners that facilitates payment can help streamline and cut service time, If you want to take the opportunity to welcome another turn.

Others Additional benefits allow tablets, are the games that customers can play from the table while waiting for your food, even they are offering small prizes to get as discounts on food, etc…

5.- Personalized suggestions to find "the perfect restaurant"

When it comes to choose a place to eat, we are often overwhelmed by the myriad choices we have, especially in large cities where every day a new restaurant or bar opens, and it is impossible to know the whole offer.

US applications like Yelp or Tripadvisor in Spain are the best way to find "new jewels". These apps will help us find the best places in each city and we will provide a real insight Restaurant. Because pamphlets and literature on websites, Anyone can hire, but good reviews from customers who have already tried the experience ... that's pure gold, without the need to get up the sofa at home.

As these applications evolves, increasingly they connect with the various social networks, so that soon it will be easy to know which friends have visited certain restaurant, and even see reviews and ratings of those people known, more valuable than comments unknown to the credibility that we give him.

We note with all these trends that innovation up on the line of total and absolute customer convenience, that is to say, facilitate and accommodate the process of going to a restaurant to eat everything possible customer facing today, which it is multi-networked.

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