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5 Examples of disruptive business models in restaurants


In order to attract new customers and business rebound, Many entrepreneurs have chosen to break with the established and provide quality service while economic.

In recent decades we are witnessing an unprecedented boom technology is no longer news, in the XXI century as the motto for many is “renewed or die”. Since the advent of the Internet the world was never to be the same: the almost instantaneous communication settled, information began to be distributed more easily and of course, almost no business again be the same. a twist is seemed necessary to keep pace, not to become tatty nor to finish obsolete.

At this point comes into play a new concept that many associate with evolution, innovation and, why not, the future is to come. Is about disruptivo, that according to the RAE is something “producing sharp break”.

Origins and consolidation of disruptive innovation

Clayton Christensen, profesor en la Harvard Business School, by Joseph Bower published an article -allá 1995- titulado Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave where the first strokes of what is known today were given as disruptive innovation.

Just two years later the own Christensen, but this time alone, She deepened this term in his book The Innovator's Dilemma and he updated the definition Austrian economist Joseph A. Schumpeter had almost 60 years earlier. In the book that the innovator has to deal with the dilemma posed when are the good results of your company which, paradoxically, become the main cause of their losses.

Why? Why large multinationals impose an evolutionary pace than the needs of its customers and despising these end products which, although new, They craved expensive, sophisticated and even complex. It is at this time when these companies see the need to capture a segment of the population so far despised: middle class. Disruptive innovation makes it possible for people with less purchasing power to access products unthinkable until recently.

Examples of disruptive technology

There are hundreds of companies worldwide that do not lose their initial ambition to conquer the markets in which they operate: transport, communications, biomedicine, digital media, Energy… One of them is Alibaba, which claims to be the most important online retailer and the world more billing. 25.000 millions of dollars He raised in 2015 Thank you, largely, to its portfolio and banking service called Alipay.

Speaking of technological innovation we can not ignore a giant like Apple, in the past year has set the bar as high as its sales with the launch of a new smart watch and service Apple Pay, a sort of digital wallet.

Disruptive Innovation in restaurants

Another sector in which disruptive innovation has made its way is in hospitality, both in our country and outside it: U.S, Russia, Holland, UK and the Czech Republic are just the beginning of a long list. And is that It is not worth a single decoration or a delicious menu if you do not take into account the claims of customers and are not offered something different to attract new ones. To learn more about how this concept works in restaurants here 5 of the most famous and acclaimed establishments.

coffee Ziferblat. This is a restaurant where the food, Free buffet service, and drink are free. Yes, free. Diner only pay for the stay in the local: one hour 8 euros, of hours 15 euros and so on. It is a new business model called “Pay-per minute” whose main backer has been, Until now,Russia; although it has been already installed in large cities like London.

It is a new business model called & quot; Pay-per minute"

Basis restaurant. Under the premise of “Bring your own food” It hides one of the busiest establishments in Amsterdam. He attended all those workers or students who wish to eat outside the office walls or university but without giving up comfort food, well themselves carry their own prepared tuppers. Drink and dessert, yes, They have to ask the Basis.

Saint Louis Bread Company Cares. Located in Saint Louis, U.S, It belongs to the chain of bakeries and restaurants Panera Bread; Nevertheless, It has nothing to do with the other 1.400 locales, because this works thanks to the altruism of people spend as he sees fit. That is to say, there is no fixed price the customer has to pay and usually donates each according to their purchasing power: sometimes the company without profit- wins and other, Conversely, It has to take losses.

There is no fixed price the customer has to pay and usually donates each according to their purchasing power NY Daily News

Restaurante To Be Determined. In the US city of San Francisco is the establishment in which the menu is unknown because it serves totally different products every week, depending on availability have at all times. Its business model is based precisely on play with surprise that aims to bring the client routine always eat the same away from home. What does not change, yes, prices are menus: One for $6, another by $12 and the most expensive reaches $18.

The menu is unknown because it serves totally different products every week

the Inkwell. A quirky restaurant in the Andalusian province of Malaga where lWaiters will come out of the kitchen with a few dishes that are offering aloud to all customers who are already eating or who want to start doing. It is characterized by serving a menu of high quality which emphasizes fresh fish, paella or octopus Galician. When charging one of the employees to the table for calculation taking into account the number of dishes and glasses there.

Great Spanish chefs opt for disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation in hospitality does not serve only to create low cost alternative but to haute cuisine equip itself with the latest technology and the most modern techniques. The great forerunner of the latter has been Ferran Adrià, who has promoted the creation of applications at the same time it has invested in startup companies.

But it has not been the only, Andoni Luis Aduriz Mugaritz closed four months a year during which spends a third of its revenues in R & D with the aim of continually renewed: Spray the food has been one of its most outstanding achievements with food spray as custard or pancakes. Marcelo Tejedor, in Santiago, This technique also works spray and applied in breads. Paco Morales is using a 3D food printer; Elena Arzak, meanwhile, use in your business touchscreens.

disruption, although it stands as a complex term and often misused by innovators, It is essential for the smooth running of a business. Who does not tempt you to visit any of the previous local?

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