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5 Examples of tecnorestaurantes in the world


Technology has had in recent times with a large presence in restaurants, today enhanced by the appearance of all kinds of new appliances designed to optimize and streamline processes that previously were responsible human. Desde esa punta de lanza que es la management revolution in professional kitchens, ha surgido una nueva hello innovation en los restaurantes sobre la que surfean inventores, programmers, engineers, designers, Product developers, etc.

The result, always trying to improve the customer experience, It has led to the creation of new ways of understanding and approach to gastronomy, making the technology a reality cooking. A across the planet, we can find truly striking examples of restaurants that have inserted technological innovation in their daily functioning as a differentiator.

The appearance of the tecnorestaurantes

The use of mobile devices, the arrival of artificial intelligence, including holograms chatbots, the emergence of the Internet of things or access to robotics has drawn a picture in which many managers They trust much of its service and product technology, They are called tecnorestaurantes.

For that reason, we wanted to make a list of the most representative restaurants of this new business profile where technology is one of the key levers for business development.

We are aware that some examples They have been transforming its business model, but we seem sufficiently representative and inspiring to be part of this list.

5 restaurantes basados en innovaciones tecnológicas

1.- Eatsa. The first restaurant with the service fully digitized

already 2015 Own Diego Coquillat presented this restaurant as the first of San Fancisco, USA in which the tablets would replace all staff room, work without staff, y donde todo el servicio estaría digitalizado.

Today, while still maintaining physical restaurants, se ha transformado en una importante plataforma tecnológica que ofrece a terceros bajo el lema de get a magical experience to customers, en el que estos esperan su comida sin necesidad de interactuar con un humanos, a faster and more efficient. The technology adopted by Eatsa has significantly reduced waiting times.

2.- Inamo. Electronics restaurant table

These London restaurants, already they have three locations, They have a table-tablets as their most attractive and powerful innovation. And is that in Inamo no menus or printed paper, but it is to navigate the table as if a huge tablet it were.

Here the food is requested by pressing the virtual buttons on this "electronic table". As well as the food arrives, diners can watch a video of the kitchen staff preparing your plate, and information, for example, on services of the area where the restaurant is; something tremendously useful for the many tourists who visit this business.

The projection system is even customizable, allowing the restaurant to alter their environment to certain events. According to the owners of Inamo, electronic table increases staff efficiency and allows them to have more time to socialize with diners.

3.- Sublimotion. The first performance gastronomic

Sublimotion is the first performance gastronomic world. Located in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, It combines the latest technology with teamwork of great professionals and Spanish artists, leading gastronomy, staging, music, art, design, technology, Magic, illustration and neuroscience.

The restaurant is run by Alfonso G. Aguilar, soundtrack composer with a long history in Los Angeles, with the Chef Paco Roncero a la cabeza de otros grandes cocineros españoles como Dani García, Diego Guerrero, Toño Pérez and confectioner Paco Torreblanca, formando así un equipo con 8 Michelin star.

This place combines food served with a musical strategy specially designed to intensify emotions waking up in diners haute cuisine. Emotions have been able to be tested thanks to the tools it offered neuroscience. En el Sublimotion la combinación de la realidad aumentada y virtual aplicada a la gastronomía junto con los cambios de escena radicales nos permitirán dar uno de los saltos al futuro más vanguardista y tecnológico de los restaurantes.

4.- paragraph. Donde la comida se convierte en una obra de arte conceptual

El restaurante Alinea está ubicado en Chicago y pone en práctica lo que algunos han bautizado como molecular gastronomy. It is considered one of the most innovative restaurants in science that applies in his creations as well as by the spectacle of attending the process of creating.

In the words of their own manager, el Chef Grant Achatz, is about un restaurante “no tradicional”, because instead of asking and enjoy a steak or a lobster, You have full grocery helium balloons, platos de comida que el comensal es quien debe terminar de ensamblar, a ball chocolate dry ice that spills when you break and disclosing a sweet pumpkin or a series of abstract strokes resulting in a dish that looks more like a box.

5.- Ultraviolet Restaurant. A restaurant to awaken 5 senses

The restaurant Ultraviolet, one Shanghai, It is very special. Its main concept is based on the five senses, It encourages diners to use them all while eating. The intimate dining room only 10 squares surrounded by video screens and speakers that provide a visual and aromatic experience even combined with each dish. The menus are carefully planned, along with a perfect collection of visual and auditory content, as a result offering a complete dining experience and totally immersive.

The most common reference who has visited this restaurant is a cinematic experience in the dining room feels like you're sitting in a forest early in the morning or in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Si piensas que todo en este restaurante es el circo que montan, debes saber que además It has a rating of five stars on TripAdvisor. And that the waiting list and the price of the experience is not cheap.

We are aware that tecnorestaurantes these examples will be improved and optimized for every time the user experience more differential and based on new innovations, but we must recognize that the first versions not leave anyone indifferent.

5 Examples of tecnorestaurantes in the world
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  1. Interesting article, sin ir mas lejos y hablando de innovación tecnológica, aqui en Barcelona hay el primer restaurante open source (codigo abierto) del mundo y ademas con muy buen concepto gastronómico. Se llama Leka en Poblenou. Barcelonaa siempre ha destacado por su innovación y gastronomía. Congratulations on Article.

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      Jose Berenguer on

      ¡Hola Jessik! Muchas gracias por tus palabras, nos alegramos de que te haya parecido interesante el artículo. Conocemos el caso del restaurante Leka en Poblenou, y no descartamos que sea el protagonista de uno de nuestros contenidos próximamente. A greeting!

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