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5 fun examples of how to use Emojis in restaurants 😂🍔😋


We are becoming more we use these little faces or icons called Emojis to communicate a mood or feeling in digital environments. Represent a revolution It allows us to communicate with anyone regardless of their origin or their language, no doubt we are facing the “Holy Grail” Vocabulary for marketing.

Its creator was Shigetaka Kurita Year 1999 at the request of a Japanese company called NTT Docomo working on an Internet project. His inspiration came from the manga drawings in which concepts are presented with a single symbol. The word comes from the Japanese Emoji where “e” s image and “my” is letter or character. In its first version they were created 176 emoji and now possibly be millions of them.

In recent years, Emoji are used by large companies in their marketing campaigns and communication, even Facebook launched them worldwide with its “reactions”, understood as the digital expression of user reactions to a new publication.

For the first time in history, in the year 2015 the Oxford Dictionary chosen as the word of the year to a Emoji, specifically the one with the smiley face with two tears. 😂

The aim of the Emoji is certainly humanize the conversation within the digital messaging programs, where no matter what language anyone can understand. This makes them a very powerful tool for companies dedicated to marketing.

Therefore, I would like to share with you the best Examples of how the restaurant industry has used Emojis to engage with their customers.

Emoji uses in restaurants 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

1.- Taco Bell

This important Mexican food franchise with hundreds of restaurants worldwide He wondered why there was Emoji pizza and burger but not the Taco.

That was the origin that motivated his campaign “The Taco Emoji Needs To Happen” with more than 32.000 Got firms 17 June 2015 what The Unicode Consorium, a non-profit organization that regulates coding standards written text, EMOJI release the cleat to be used freely.

He 21 October 2015 Apple decided to include Taco Emoji in IOS 9.1 and this was the reaction of Taco Bell:

2.- Domino’s Pizza

This pizza franchise wanted to go one step further and generated an ordering system for the US home through Twitter in which you need only include the Emoji Pizza through a direct message on the account @Dominos.

For this company which already gets more than 50% of sales occur through digital channels, supposed to offer its customers a channel in which in less than five seconds could make your pizza order, as long as they had before preconfigured on your page.

Here I leave the video of the whole process:

3.- Textaurant

It was the first restaurant in the world based on Emojis, in particular it was in Melbourne and also reference the name, All dishes were inspired by the Emoji icons food. offered burgers, dogs, sushi, rice and ramen with an identical presentation to the Emoji icons. Apparently did not have much success because it closed a few years after opening.

4.- Emoji Burger

This is another healthy fast food restaurant that also It bases its menu in different Emoji of food.

your burger “Yummy Burger” carrying the Emoji 😋 It is a beef burger with cheddar cheese, avocados, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce and aioli. your burger “Hands Up burger” 🙌🏻 turkey is fried cheese, raw onion, avocado, tomato, mixed vegetables and aioli. Prices vary between five and seven euros.

5.- Burger King

coinciding with the release of hot dogs on the grill, American hamburger franchise has created a series of Emojis for its customers in a very original way.

Specific You have created a keyboard Emojis which it is available for both Android version and iOS and can use it on Facebook, Facebook messenger, Gmail, Google Hangouts but not in WhatsApp, Instagram Snapchat. The latest addition to this keyboard are hot dogs Emojis.

There is no doubt that we are facing an era technology should encourage simplicity and completeness of the processes, mainly in the micro-services or those whose automation or repeat do not add value to the customer and can be replaced by other technology-based, independently in the field in which the case, it seems that a great example of this is the use of the environment Emojis restaurants.

Finally I propose a game, I would like to know your capacity digital internalisation of Emojis, That is why here's a list 10 very relevant franchises restaurants operating in Spain but written his name with Emojis. Just below you have a twitter poll to tell me that you're right. Thank you very much for participating!. (By the way, solutions have the first comment this article)


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  1. Here are the names written restaurants in Emojis:

    1.-Burger King
    4.-Domino’s Pizza
    5.-Foster’s Hollywood
    6.-100 Montaditos
    9.-The Mafia
    10.-Chocolatiers Value

    How many have successful? You can answer the survey twitter…Thank you!

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