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5 examples that reflect the Christmas spirit in restaurants


Today my article will not discuss technology, or scanning, nor about the universe online, even on Social Media restauranting, Today I want to write about the most humane and caring side restaurants.

I am sincerely of those who thinks so there is the spirit of Christmas, or at least a special sensitivity at this time that leads us to do more things near and dear to our family, our friends or disadvantaged.

So I want to acknowledge and dedicate this article to 5 initiatives promoted by different restaurants or chefs demonstrating that, despite the difficulties facing the sector, remains the most caring side.

1.- “Scratch work in you” : A campaign by the hoteliers of Irun, which aims to support the most disadvantaged families during the holidays. Customers can buy a card 2 € in exchange for a drink, all the proceeds will be donated to an association with social initiatives.

Restaurants Solidary Christmas

Scratch work in you

2.-Yum Yum Restaurant : It is an initiative driven by a businessman from Cartagena in collaboration with its suppliers, which will donate all proceeds of the day 18 from December, of its three restaurants, the soup kitchen Home El Buen Samaritano.

Restaurants donate their collection

3.-The renowned chef Rodrigo de la Calle, with which I also gave a lecture some time, holder of a Michelin star and now runs the kitchen of one of the most prestigious hotels in Madrid, Hotel Villa Magna, He has cooked for a soup kitchen in your city, Aranjuez, preparing 200 portions of tender beans with Iberian Carabaña.

Rodrigo de la Calle kitchen for the needy

4.-Teinvitoacenar.org It is a fantastic initiative which invites to 500 poor people dining in an idyllic setting such as the Palace Negralejo, more than 400 volunteers between servers and cooks, some as prestigious as himself David Muñoz with 3 Michelin star.

Dinner invite people with financial difficulties

5.-Telamereces.com It is another joint initiative that aims to bars and restaurants of our country reserve a table and invite unemployed people to a dinner of social enterprise, not forget that in Spain are 26% of the workforce.

Business dinner in restaurants for people with unemployment

Congratulations to all these initiatives and to all those anonymous that somehow try to help those who are in a difficult situation.

Do you know any solidarity action at this time in a restaurant? If so, I'd appreciate that compartieras with my readers in the comments…Thank you!

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