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5 Companies that are already working with food and restaurants in 3D


The inclusion of technology in restaurants forms an essential part of the digital transformation that is currently taking place in the sector. Whether in a comprehensive manner, or as in certain details such as the appearance of chatbots, Augmented Reality, or digital menus, innovative resources are different elements in restaurants.

We are in a frantic technological revolution which do not stop coming to market new increasingly sophisticated devices. Restaurants are no stranger to this trend and even often result pioneers in the implementation of some of these technologies. The goal at the end of the day is to surprise their customers and achieve service excellence through a disruptive model. And thereby achieve notoriety through the impact on social networks.

One of the most innovative trends that ultimately are reached Restaurants, is food printing 3D. First, We must demystify the results of something more complex then it always sounds. The food in three dimensions, At the moment there is a sophisticated style cuisine, lack of development in the art.

Nevertheless, this opening It represents a new outlook for the sector's future, the not just restaurants, but also food. imagine (as it already will have made more than one CEO of the following companies) the day when our smart 3D printer print food we serve meals with the right balance of carbohydrates, nutrients and vitamins, based on our genetics and physiology.

Until that day arrives, We inspire us with five companies that have already started printing 3D food.

Five companies are 3D printing food

1.- BeeHex

Founded in January 2016, BeeHex, based in Columbus, Ohio, It was created from a NASA project to produce food in space. The company recently raised a million dollars to further develop its Chef 3D printer thanks to Donatos Pizza, a chain which also has its headquarters in Columbus.

The BeeHex printer uses a system that helps to deposit layers of edible materials, using cartridges filled with different ingredients of a pizza, as mass, toppings and sauce. Everything is controlled by a computer, able to print perfect pizzas and different ways within 5 minutes.

2.- Natural Machines

Foodini is a 3D printer Machines Natural domestic company type and with which ingredients are used fresh pureed to make homemade and healthy food, with the original technique.

The first printer of food in three dimensions Spanish It is under development, and although intend to use Kickstarter for funding did not reach its goal, The project is ongoing.

This printer has five capsules or containers of food that must be crushed, able to overlap to generate food dishes, so you have to be mass, Mashed potatoes or vegetables, mince, etc. Natural Machines Company is in talks with manufacturers to provide retailers capsules and elaborate, although the idea is to make the user who can add their own ingredients, always shakes previously.

3.- XYZprinting

A relatively heavyweight in the field of 3D printing food is XYZprinting, also launched its 3D food printer. Founded in 2013, the company based in San Diego is a subsidiary of a Taiwanese conglomerate called billionaire Kinpo Group. At that moment, Digital Trends He reported that the model would soon be printing XYZprinting food restaurants, although his debut at professional level, still has not arrived.

4.- Choc Edge

The company Choc Edge It was founded in the UK and as its name suggests, It is focused on chocolate, producing from Personalized candy bars up decorations for cakes and desserts fittings.

Instead of using cartridges like other 3D printers foods, Choc Creator Plus V2.0 is based on a syringe. Chocolatier introduces the chocolate into the syringe and then loaded into the printer. The current printing process involves converting a concept into a 3D model and, then, convert the 3D model into a code instructions for the Choc Creator read it.

5.- Print2Taste

3D food printer company called Print2Taste Procusini. The device can print from lobster-shaped pasta (Crustacean seven minutes) up sausage-shaped squirrel.

The printer retails for about 2.362 € and you can also be purchased preloaded chocolate, marzipan paste. The code is generated by a computer program called cutter, cutting a layered 3D model and writes the printing instructions for each layer.

Innovation will reach restaurants by food in the future 3D

These are only 5 companies currently in the business of 3D printing food. As we can see, still they have not been major advances in the field, but yes They are beginning to open some doors, which certainly mark the future of many restaurants in the future.

In order to attract new customers and business rebound, many entrepreneurs will compete at one time or another to break with the established and provide quality service while economic food based on 3D. Until quality, economy and efficiency not equilibrate, this technology will not settle in restaurants, but as we can see, some companies are already taking some advantage.

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