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5 Email Marketing strategies effective for restaurants


Advertising has always played a crucial role in the evolution of restaurant business. So good, during the digital transformation restaurants, the number of changes that have affected this field of marketing has been such that many restaurateurs have struggled to follow the development of new tools.

Because of this promotional rapid succession of innovations, some strategies marketing for restaurants They have been overshadowed. A) Yes, while any restaurateur knows the value of having a strong digital presence in major aggregators reviews Internet or the benefits it brings to have successful and active profiles on popular social networks, Many owners have relegated to oblivion campaigns e-mails, one of the first commercial wiles to appear in the digital age.

Big mistake. Although the rate of conversion campaigns e-mails is much lower than the achievable through more modern systems such as loyalty programs embedded clientele apps mobile, no longer a additional route to reach and mobilize our potential customers. On the other hand, We can not forget that the group attending the e-mails does not coincide fully with the cohort of people who can be reached by other advertising methods online the traditional.

Definitely, strategies marketing based e-mail campaigns are complementary to other efforts that the restorer is already doing, and therefore can not be underestimated.

However, How can you develop the campaign e-mails successfully in the environment restoration? In this article we outline five strategies that will help you get the most out of your emails.

1.- Size does matter, in the contact database

The greater our mailing list will have more effect our campaign e-mails. So that, the simple scalability of this advertising method is one of its strengths.

Nevertheless, have a large mailing list is no easy task. Current data protection laws in force in the European Union require special precautions when getting down to work with such campaigns.

The restoration professional resident in Spain or any other country in the eurozone will have to ensure that the customer has chosen to include your email address in the mailing list voluntarily. But that is not all, also you need to explicitly accept that wish to receive content for advertising purposes or commercial in doing so.

Given these constraints, devise ways in which customers voluntarily accept the stipulated conditions is the real difficulty of this type of advertising online.

To achieve this you can employ different strategies:

  • Offering the possibility of receive invoices or tiques on email. Some guests prefer to help protect the environment even with a small detail refuse receipt printing and, instead, have it in digital format on your email account. More often customers are interested in having the document in duplicate.
  • Automation of supply from the POS terminal. One of the problems that arise when trying to recruit customers mailing list is the demand raised friction. Some POS systems have automated tools that invite diners to give your mail with little pressure.
  • Special promotions for list members. There is nothing that works better than a tangible discount. When the customer is given the opportunity to benefit from special offers or is drawn with a welcome reward, information gathering takes place without incident.
  • Dialog digital orders. Is there a better way to offer an advertising service online that through a purely digital environment? I doubt very much. Thus, in the apps and mobile websites restaurant is convenient to emerge a menu with boxes to mark during operations in the interface. Mark these boxes mean for legal purposes that the user has consented to receive advertising.
  • Forms for any other case. Whenever there is an exchange of information between the customer and the business, the field designated to be completed with the e-mail should be mandatory. mented boxes already in the preceding section and include, if deemed appropriate, a reminder that these are not marked, which appears before submitting the form.

2.- The quality of content sent in email marketing is a primary key

Although the amount is vitally important in the campaigns of e-mails, to increase the volume of business must be write a template that really have an impact on the consumer.

To achieve this it is best to resort to a copywriter professional, or someone with experience in the field of advertising written.

This is because a small change in the selected words can cause a substantial change in the results. This is important because even small increases in advertising effectiveness online (the most common are around the 0.5%), assume that, al send decenas the hundreds of thousands of e-mails, the additional volume of business perceived to be substantial.

The title of the e-mails is essential because if the e-mail will not get opened, then it is an empty effort. Strategies marketing for restaurants mail work best when the lists are highly segmented so that it can perform a personalization of content sent.

Worth our efforts also associate campaigns marketing generalized, as can be holidays as Valentine's Day, the Mother's Day, father's Day, Christmas, etc.

3.- It included in the email content to persist in the minds of the customer

If in addition to the promotion we want to send the e-mail dress with an unforgettable story, we ensure the success of our e-mail campaigns to increase over time.

Many of our emails end up in the trash, closed in the inbox or diverted to the tab promotional mailings. But if people gradually discovers that besides advantages offer content they consume, They may well choose receive these emails in the main tray and open them when you see them.

This is an arduous task that requires huge amounts of work, but as we have discussed in the previous section, every percentage point that can be scratched in the advertising environment online for the restaurant account.

4.- correctly choose the product you want to promote your email marketing strategy

Choosing the right product is not as simple as it seems. You have to sit a moment and take account.

Usually it should opt for products with high demand. Alcoholic beverages in bars and the most popular and representative dishes in restaurants are good bets.

The problem is that there may be a plethora of items to choose from even when a first screening is performed based on product demand. In this case it is necessary study what item has a higher profit margin among which have been preselected.

By reducing the price on these items of inflated amounts we put ourselves in an advantageous position to generate a positive impression with discounts associated in correspondence, while at the same time guarantee that the return on investment is not in question.

Ultimately you can use economistic approaches to the problem, although this requires responsible to take the accounts have sound knowledge on the subject.

5.- Send your email campaigns at reasonable intervals

Make your customers regularly wait your offers is an early victory.

To be able to increase turnover, improve user experience, the service provided at the restaurant and customer loyalty, there is nothing better than to follow predictable patterns in how we run the business.

Thus, must decide how often we want to get e-mails to customers. Monthly? Biweekly? Weekly? If the periods between messages are too long consumers will forget us. Conversely, If the person on the other side of the screen receives many emails you will find it annoying, so their willingness to use our services erode and may want to unsubscribe from the list.

Finding the right point requires trial and error. After altering our timeouts before forwarding advertising online to recipients on a few occasions and serve engagement metrics and low service, discover what is the range that best suits our restaurant.

Following these tips campaigns e-mails can be a before and after in the advertising efforts online restaurant. If you decide to implement them we wish you good luck.

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