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5 innovative strategies to improve the user experience that will use Starbucks 2019


We have already discussed on other occasions that the economic situation of Starbucks It is not the most positive. Growth in the past two years has gone from seven percent to three percent. The provisions of the directive are not better, even in the Q3 financial report which was made public in late spring, the projections of the company continue to set a clear stagnation.

Some of the strategies that the coffee giant deck are based on expansion with new stores, at the end of this year could reach 30 000 establishments worldwide. A number of inaugurations will take place in China, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, where the presence of the brand is still remarkably light and could be densified.

On the other hand, the creating new products It is another aspect on which further research. One of the latest contributions of Starbucks coffee industry has been the version Cold Brew infusion with nitrogen and the necessary technological equipment for preparing the beverage in situ. Now proliferate coffee plantations to increased grain consumption; the cold infusion process less efficient but more delicate with ingredient base requires up to five times more grain than traditional coffee infusion.

Of course, coffee prices Cold Brew is remarkable higher. Since sales of items remain unchanged, Starbucks also investigates what are the chances tempt consumers with products of higher value. Specialty coffee and the most luxurious varieties could soon copar letters from both major US Starbucks. THE. as in other countries.

Although these three fronts with which the company intends to offset their lack of growth should be sufficient to revitalize the chain, Starbucks is not satisfied and also committed add value in their establishments improving the user experience of customers. And it will do during the 2019 with five innovative strategies. Let's see them.

1.- A true holistic experience to its beginnings

The quest for efficiency in service It can be a double-edged sword. During the expansion phase of the company's explosive, Local scattered around the world (just over 7000 by then) They began to make a transition from cafeteria ensures the product quality point of sale where you enter, coffee is collected and leaves.

Local Starbucks coffee smelled even given the speed at which items were prepared and these out in typical disposable plastic cup in the hand of a customer who was leaving the premises with alacrity.

Starbucks is taking a step back offering a unique experience, iconic and representative of the mark from the outset. The layout and decor of the room, the attention given by the staff, music emitted from speakers ... All details are carefully studied so that conferring the enclosure a gifted theatrical touch of a differentiating effect about the way of doing things the competition.

further, with new expansion initiatives in Asia, Starbucks is focusing on locating your local so that they are more familiar, welcoming and understandable to customers in other countries.

2.- Leading the market with pride identitario

Starbucks sells six million drinks every day according to statistics published by the American newspaper USA Today. There is no other specializing in selling coffee company that comes close to this amount. A) Yes, Starbucks is the leader in its segment and realizes that he has to behave as such.

Among the innovative strategies that are expected, There is a particularly unique: the establishment of collaborations with cafes minor. Thus Starbucks wants to stimulate the market and reach a clientele that frequents no local. While benefits their smaller competitors, reaffirms its dominant position.

In this sense, fans of the brand can empty their wallets to buy integrated into new lines of items not related to food. Starbucks will hit the shelves of toy stores hand Sweden's LEGO, It will work with Microsoft to integrate the services of the cafeteria in the latest consumer electronics and will also be present in one of the best supermarket chains rated.

3.- Respond to popular demands wherever they den

Rarely it happens that a strange item becomes a real revolution. It is the case Frapuccino, of the latte Y, Recently, of the Cold Brew.

However not all products are available in all stores. The network of cafeterias Starbucks has a titanic proportions and manage the menu in each of these establishments is a task of identical dimensions.

Largely decision has already left to artificial and data intelligence analysts, digging in a database of elephantine size to detect regional trends, temporal and social.

However, these changes may take. In the case of Cold Brew by infusion nitrogen already we spoke at the beginning of the article. This product is not available in smaller venues because of space limitations; the necessary equipment is quite bulky.

Thanks to social networks and personnel responsible for addressing the concerns of users through internet, Starbucks can know in real time when you are missing a product somewhere, Y responding to customer demands for its excellent user experience. This is what it means to add value in the service of its cafes and safeguard customer satisfaction, whether casual, recurrent or fans.

4.- Starbucks applies technological innovation with broad social adoption

The coffee chain is not characterized by undertaking the implementation of the latest technologies without a clear plan. This is something that should not be misconstrued, Starbucks is not a technophobe company.

Unlike, Starbucks history is littered with technological changes have made life easier for its customers. By Beyond 1998 he became one of the first companies to have a website and later, in 2002, cafes served as one of the few public access points WiFi.

Technological innovations have continued during this era of digital business transformation restoration, sometimes with problems, as the bottlenecks that formed during the first weeks of use of reserves by mobile; but when these altercations have emerged, Starbucks has managed to correct them quickly.

Nowadays, and in the future, the franchise is still awaiting the latest developments in the technology field keep in touch with the needs of society. In the spotlight are the virtual assistants as Alexa Amazon O Google Assistant, two services that promise to satisfy users automate reservations and minimizing the time devoted to them.

5.- corporate social responsibility banner

Users respond to a young company profile, dominated by demographics millennial. One of the defining characteristics of this segment of the population is that better identify with brands that have a mission, No products seeking greater profitability and efficiency.

Starbucks is well within this characterization, because among their plans they are to make their products more sustainable, rely more on organic ingredients and get involved with the community.

Among its social activities the Coffee and Farmer Equity (c.a.f.e.) Program, an effort by the company is committed to obtaining ethical coffee beans; unwavering commitment provide decent wages and benefits to its employees, and programs hire refugees, people at risk of social exclusion, Veterans and young people seeking their first job; O, by adding a point, the annual donations by values ​​close to the 50 millions of euros.

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