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5 "Gastro" proposals this fall


Ingredients, new products, crockery ... we review some proposed for this season.

After high temperatures and the explosion of fruits and vegetables born during the summer season, Autumn arrives with different proposals and fun, because the cold is often good insider.

We dive between fungi, mushrooms, chocolates,… for know the news they bring us these months.

Chocolate Caviar

The best pastry chef in Spain and one of the largest in the world, It presents chocolate caviar. Nail balls of crunchy cereals and nuts dipped in chocolate black to 70% served like a beluga caviar it were. remember how more cocoa content have our tablets, less fat will matter chocolate.

Boletus edulis silvestres

The fall season will not be the same without a good mushrooms and fungi, they will be arriving due to climate change and the lack of rain and humidity, which favors the growth of the same. If you can not wait, Navarra Cathedral blunts each year in its proper season to maintain quality. They are then preserved in olive oil.

If you like, do not let prepare a classic mushroom risotto or a crispy pizza with mushrooms and an egg in the center, chuparas you fingers.

Freshens your mulled wine

Mulled wine is a typical drink from many countries and with great tradition in Germany, which they call, mulled wine. Also it is known as MulledO Hot winein England or Mulled in Scandinavia.

His recipe is simple, enough mixing and heating red wine, sugar, orange juice and a handful of spices. These Terre Exotique give a perfect touch to your mulled wine to warm you on the coldest nights.

Crockery and autumn

Cups, wooden nutcracker, dishes, teapots, salad bowls and a host of products on account of the arrival of mushrooms chanterelles or mushrooms… If you're not going to the field to collect them, or you have a family you bring them, do not give up your house dress according to the season that awaits us.

To read this fall ...

Legumes are and will be our downfall with falling temperatures. Who does not yearn a good stew of chickpeas or Asturian bean stew with chorizo, bacon and condiments. And this year even more, as the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 2016 as the International Year of legumes.

And following this mention, we recommend a book, Kitchen Legumes (Editorial Planeta Gastro) with more of 200 varied recipes ranging from stews, salads, appetizers, meatballs,... Also about to leave the oven is elBulli collection 2005-2011 more than 750 recipes.

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