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5 monitoring tools for restaurants


A few days ago I published article “7 Advantages of monitoring the social web for restaurants” I committed and has share with you all monitoring tools that I use and that I recommend to manage your Social Media Restauranting.

That is why today I want to show 5 tools and some examples of how through a simple monitoring can get a lot of information to identify, monitor and analyze quickly and easily all the information relevant to a restaurant is so we can add value to my community of followers.

The five tools are free and are as follows:

1.- google Alerts

I have to admit honestly that is one of my favorite, I use it for years, mainly because of its simplicity, It allows you to generate alerts that you receive in email form on terms queries that are interesting for a restaurant.

Example: The owner of a Japanese restaurant, could generate an alert type “Japanese cuisine”, to get ideas and relevant content to share with your community of followers, the result you get what you see in the image below:

[Click on the images to make them larger]

2.- SocialMention

It is a search engine that lets you find in different social media what has been published on a term or keyword. Has more than 100 Web sites collect information, mainly related to social networks.

Example: Writing the name of the restaurant in this search engine you could find all the content that is being shared on social networks about the same.

3.- Addict-o-matic

This application is very interesting, It is allowing you to get a fast updated information on the major social platforms on any aspect that may be of interest to the restaurant.

Example: We put the word “hostelry” and we would obtain updated information on everything that is being shared on social networking environment our industry, as you can see in the picture below:

4 .- Twitter Search

It is the twitter search engine and is especially interesting to detect new market niches, content to follow trends and capture potential customers move to this network the need to find a restaurant.

Example: Suppose we want to find new customers looking restaurants in Madrid, would write in the search box the following words twitter : “recommend restaurant madrid”, and the result we were getting what we see in this picture:

5.- Netvibes

It is a tool much more complete monitoring than any of the above, allowing us to create desks where we add blogs, video channels, press, Photographs, widgets, rss and virtually everything imaginable in order to have it organized and available on a single page.

All the above examples could be done in Netvibes, why I prefer to share the following video to show you the enormous potential of this tool:

[vimeo 28778534 w=580&h=330]

I am aware that there is much more complex and expensive tools on the market, I used some, but I am sure that these five tools you are going to be very useful and will give you a simple and close view of the importance of monitoring for any social media strategy.

Are you going to start monitoring content on social networks or already do? Leave me a comment with your experience and tell me what tools are best work you.

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